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Sunday, February 5, 2012

Local angle

That 5.7 earthquake off Vancouver Island yesterday came just a half hour after a 4.3 about 100 miles out from Bandon, Oregon.

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No tsunami warning with either quake. My siblings (on vaca in Arch Cape and Long Beach peninsula) didn't feel anything.

I saw the reports of these earthquakes as well as how they charted around our region.

Has anybody been reading about these strange groaning sounds reported in many parts of the world? They could be related to solar activity or perhaps something from deep in the earth. I've also heard them called acoustic-gravity waves.

Anyway, the image of the planet actually groaning is quite vivid, and I hope our tectonic region isn't about to wake up.

When I look at the Rockies, the Alps, the mountains in New Zealand...actually any significant geological uprisings around the world, I always wonder if they are the result of a significant event that occurred in a short period of time--weeks, months, or years--or over thousands or millions of years.

We can worry about the former and how it might affect our lives, or we can file that nugget away if the latter, since there is not much we can do about it. Actually, not much we can do about the former, either. When it happens, it happens.

Just need to be sure to not foolishly build the wrong structures in the wrong places.

When the big one happens, there won't be much we can do about it, except to be prepared for the aftermath, and the disruption it will likely cause.

Like Bill, I hope our tectonic region remains relatively quiet. Occasional rumblings can relieve the stress of the various faults. It's when we don't have these events, we need to worry a lot.

Bill - you mean like THIS bizarre sound at last Summer's Tampa Bay baseball game, just before the big east coast earthquake?


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