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Saturday, February 11, 2012

It's money that matters

Ah, the glorious filth of campaign contributions. Mary Nolan and Dave Hunt are running for local office while they're still in the state legislature. Big Medicine is throwing lots of PAC money around to influence the current session of the legislature, and that includes Nolan and Hunt, of course. And so they can build up war chests for their local races by using their positions in Salem.

This sort of thing sure puts a damper on potential grassroots candidates at the neighborhood level. It's bad enough that the Nolans and Hunts can out-money opponents for their state legislature seats, but when the Salem lobbying loot starts pounding down opposition at the city and county levels, it feels even more wrong.

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Mary Nolan and Dave Hunt ... Where have I seen those names together ... Ah, yes, now I remember!

While the legislature is in session, none of the elected officials can accept campaign money. This includes Dave Hunt, Mary Nolan and Jefferson Smith.

The session that began February 1st cannot exceed 35 days, unless extended for five days by a 2/3 vote of each chamber.


Thank you for that lovely bit of window dressing, of which I was aware. But it doesn't change the reality of what they have done. In fact, Hunt and Smith ran money pitches highlighting the fact that they were going to be disabled from taking money during the session, with countdowns to the supposedly fateful moment.

It would have been preferable if all three of these folks resigned their state seats as soon as they announced their candidacies for local office.

I don't think you should be allowed to run for another elected office while still holding one...

The three PACs identified in the spreadsheet receive most of their contributions from Oregon Medicaid Managed Care Organizations. These MCOs generate significant profits from Medicaid services. The beauty of this arrangement is that: Medicaid funds generate MCO and physician profits -> the profits are turned into PAC dollars -> to feed the politicians -> who decide how the state should structure the OHP Medicaid program -> and how MCOs will be compensated. Rinse and repeat.

Tankfixer -

I think you are spot on with that.

I'd like to see an initiative petition to enact a provision within Oregon Statutes, or the Oregon Constitution ( I'd prefer a statutory amendment as it would require fewer signatures to qualify) to the effect that that a person who holds any elected office who files for election to any office other than that which they occupy resigns the office they occupy upon filing for a different office.

Anybody got a spare $ 500,000.00 to run an initiative campaign?

Nonny - ring me up if you need a signature. Sadly I don't have half a million dollars...

Is it correct here that one assumes candidate marketing (campaigning) outlays correlate with the probability of successful candidate election?

Isn't it also assumed here that the source of campaign finance correlates with subsequent preferential behavior (quid pro quo)?

Then, in fact, our state's democracy is a mundane plutocracy.

Wouldn't it be simpler and more economical to legalize bribes, graft, and kickbacks: And, thus, simply accept reality.

Money wouldn't matter if people weren't sleep walking through life.

Hey did you hear that Whitney Houston died?

You did? Wow, we really have a great and open press.

Hey did you hear that China is the biggest importer of Iraqi oil?

You didn't? Why?

The other provision I'd like to see is that you can only raise money from persons residing in the district of the office you are running for.
A city council person or mayor could only raise from persons who live in that city.
Same for state representatives and senators.
Obviously for a statewide office you could raise money from within the entire state. Of course this law would also apply to our members of Congress. Being an office elected statewide they could only raise money from within the state of Oregon.

Too bad we don't have public financing.

Yeah, that'd help. Waste some more millions on Emilie Boyles, John Branam, and Jesse Cornett. No, what's needed here is a constitutional amendment allowing restriction of money flow -- not fleecing the taxpayers to increase the flow for clueless wannabes.

There's not much to like in the current Portland City Council races, but the one bright spot is that we're not paying for them.

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