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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Finding his calling

Here's a Portland reporter finally getting an assignment for which he's well suited.

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Oh snap!!@!

What: you mean he isn't up to working for the City in an official capacity? Who else can do the job he does on reporting how cute the mayor's nose is today?

Still not balanced -- failed to tell us about the upside.

Passed the first test....next step, the live interview with Anderson three.

FLAKES!!! I saw flakes mixed in with the rain here this very morning. We're doomed.

Allan, that isn't news. The question was "were those flakes walking, or were they on bikes?"

Seems all other stories are on hold when snow is predicted

Big giant potholes and max lines with beatings
Money for bike lanes and Sam’s famous tweetings
Snow in the forecast and everyone sings
These are a few of my favorite things

Occupy Portland and trains for no reason
The garbage is smelly and it’s still the cold season
Snow in the forecast and everyone sings
These are a few of my favorite things

Another breaking Story 02.28.2012:::
No major industry lost more than 500 jobs in January.

Andy Giegerich covers government, law, health care and sports business.
Now we can add "environment"

Funny poem, Gibby!

Props Gibby!

Am I missing something? Sorry, but I don't know where ELSE to post this...

So the city spares NO EXPENSE for snow that DOESN'T HAPPEN.

But today's anarchist parade will go on with a preview last night?

The "Occupy" crowd says, "...that's not us...", but they dress in the anarchist uniform to make identification of the REALLY violent actors impossible.

"Shut down corporation" day? And the city is just sitting on their hands?

"Hello?? Is this thing on? Test, Test...TEST !"

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