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Saturday, February 25, 2012

Ducks in Dutch

According to KATU, the football team at U.C. Nike is admitting it broke the NCAA recruiting rules. And apparently they're still negotiating about how bad the violations were. All the white space on this document is yet to be filled in. A view from the inside is here.

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Who could have imagined such a thing?

Exactly Allan,

Much too much money in college football to be anywhere close to clean. I inhaled some of the dirt just reading the story. For the kids? I don't think so. For the bottom line? As long as it pencils out there are no rules.

If there is a definitive link between La Michael James and the recruiting services, the NCAA would be in a position to establish that a competitive advantage was gained from the violations, and the penalties could be quite harsh. If all they've got is this Lyles-Seastrunk business they won't be able to prove that the violations helped the Ducks win any games, and the penalties shouldn't amount to much. I think it looks good that most of the violations/transactions were done out in the open and vetted by their internal compliance office, and it's not like they were slipping envelopes full of cash to people or making the payments through boosters, etc. However, once they got called on it, they freaked out and went into cover-up mode by asking Lyles to send them phony materials after the fact, and that makes them look guilty as hell. As a Duck fan I am hoping that Chip Kelly's recent flirtation with the NFL isn't a smoke signal that bad things are coming over the horizon in the form of severe NCAA sanctions. It will certainly be interesting to see how all of this unfolds.

Its past time to spin off the sport into a true farm league for the NFL. Schools can license their logos/mascots.

Thanks for the link Jack! Your readers might check out the polls at http://www.uomatters.com asking who should pay for these NCAA infractions, and who *will* pay. I voted "Chip Kelly" and "the students".

That said I think the whole business is absurd. How did universities end up running the NFL's internship program for them - unpaid, with brain damage.

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