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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Drop everything

The TV people have started up the drumbeat, and the mayor has pulled his head out long enough to put his hat on, and so we must go on full alert. It might snow. Snow! You could die. Stock up on essentials and stay seated in front of your screen until the lights go out. This is continuing team coverage from bojack.org StormCenter 9000.2.

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Look at the bright side: Maybe the snow will fill in the potholes.

Refill your glass whenever they say "wintery mix".

Their panic mongering and anxiety production is worse than just walking in a little winter pacific wonderland. What the flake is wrong with those tv & government servant people? They convert snow showers into a wintry mix (take a shot!) of photo ops, sound bites, public works dept chest-thumping, mental health crises, and consumer hoardfests.

Can the hat flaps be pulled down far enough to cover his entire body?

Thanks for activating the BOJACK STORM CENTER!

The only place I go for updates on the PORTLAND STATE OF EMERGENCY!

Umpire, it's even easier that that: rotate the hat 90-degrees, cover his face and stuff the flap in his mouth. Hides the visage and muffles the noise.

You can be sure Jack that tomorrow the buses will all have chains running slow on bare pavement.

OMG, this will put TriMet another 1.5 million in the red.

Lets just declare it a snow day..

Good one Bill. Portlandia ain't got nothin on Portland.

Shockingly enough my TriMet bus wasn't chained up doing 20 on I-5.

Mary Fletch: "Thank God we have something to talk to the press about besides guns, beat downs and stabbings on Max".

"Chains on..." (Clap, Clap)
"Chains off..." (Clap, Clap)

"The Claptrap"

One loaded Tri Met Bus with chains on dry pavement equals how many cars with studs?

Crossing the Sylvan overpass at 3:30 this afternoon, my wife called to tell me that a news truck was already in place!

When it comes to the worst weather in the world, it's really a tossup between the Straits of Magellan, and the Sylvan Overpass.

When the weather gets bad, the governor gets up on the Cylvian Overpass.

Jack, does the gov put the plastic cover over his felt cowboy hat?

That was bad, Jack. How bad? I liked it. That should tell you plenty.

From the National Weather Service regarding this terrible impending doom: "Little or no snow accumulation expected." Dang it.

That's usually a sign that it's going to stick.

"his felt cowboy hat"

Never heard it called that before!

That guy wears a cowboy hat....

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