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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Cashing in at UC Nike

Does this smell funny to you? To us there's a faint aroma of rancid grease about it.

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Kilkenny had $8M and the inside track on getting approvals. Student housing is one of the hotter markets for housing and he stepped up when the market was locked up.

So I'd guess I would say he took advantage of an opportunity, how much favoritism from the good ol' U of Nike he got, I don't know, but he probably is the Eugene version of Homer and Gerding-Edlen.

It's like its own little world down there. Yoo hoo! Amanda Marshall!

Whew !! That went bad ages ago. I can't even tell what it used to be.

Don't put that in the under sink slop bucket ...double tight wrap it and get take it to someone else's garbage can ! It's already stinkin up the place!

"Rents range from $625 to $1,250 per bedroom per month, making them some of the more expensive student housing units in the city"
Who pays the rent for those student athletes housed in the apartments? Has the aroma of an aged "Vieux Boulogne" (considered the world's stinkiest cheese)

The UO has become Phil Knight and his friends.

...become a toy for Phil Knight and his friends that is.

Seems ike Stenchy has invaded Eugene, or maybe he is from Eugene and has invaded Portland...

It's also slipped into the Oregon Daily Emerald (the student paper) a few times that the City of Eugene was giving massive property tax breaks to developers/property management companies, to the extent of essentially creating a backdoor URA around the campus.

This first article states that the Multiple Unit Property Tax Exemption (MUPTE) program was ended by the city council in October 2011:


But at the same time, this developer apparently is hedging on getting a 10-year exemption:


The Kilkenny complex is on the east side of campus rather than the west, so I'm not sure if it was able to take advantage of MUPTE, but the property management company that has been handling those two buildings (Property Management Concepts) is managing almost every single new apartment bunker that was built in the past 2-3 years under MUPTE. And they're charging a fortune in rent, and causing rents to go up steeply across Eugene. It wouldn't surprise me if he benefited somehow off of it.

Seems ike Stenchy has invaded Eugene, or maybe he is from Eugene and has invaded Portland...

Oh, and 13th Ave and Alder St have totally gotten Samadamsized. Green bike lane paint, "cycle tracks", smart meters and sharrows freaking everywhere as of September. The rates on those meters also rival Portland's.

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