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Monday, February 27, 2012

An icon in K-Falls

Here's a profile of a southern Oregon fixture of whom we've never heard, until now.

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If it matters to Oregonians, it's in The New York Times.

You just started off my Monday with a smile. Thanks for sharing a great article!

Thanks Jack. Very cool. I grew up down there, and I attended OIT from 86 to 91.

Thanks Jack...
WOW! I have now adopted them as a team to follow from now on. Inspirational, in a time of spoiled stars with big shoe contracts.
Hey, Nate, ever think of adopting the VPS System to get the best five out on the court for the Blazer's?

Danny's boys. We know. My people played baseball against his people during LBJ's years. I think he graduated his high school the year before I made the team at mine, in the same league, so we missed by this || much being opponents on the same ballfield.

We've been 1-degree of separation a few hundred times throughout the years. It's no surprise the NYTimes found out Danny's legend -- the surprise is that the NYT found K.Falls.

Now gag-on-the-microphone time: LarsLarson said his followers sent him the article, (unlikely that any of them read it Sunday in the NYTimes as a matter of course), probably those among the bojack brigade attuned to LarsLarson saw it here first and then relayed it. (He rips off his sources, as a rule.) Then LarsLarson said he was going to rub himself wallowing in all that honor and renown as he might 'get' Danny on-air with him. ... but maybe advance warning passed thru 1-degree of separation to coach Danny to snub that phone call, join the barricade that corrals LarsLarson contamination in isolation, frothing to himself, away from decent sober folks with status reputations.

Another gem from Jack. I look forward to sharing the article with my son this weekend.

Tensk, I share your sentiments about Lars but I think that Coach Danny would have some lessons in humility that should really be sent Lars and his 'followers' way.

sheila, you or Danny can 'send' a lesson to a psychopath
but you can't make him humiliated.

Also, however, you can rescind the business registration papers for his seditious ploys in the public airwaves, shame-name his sponsors and disciples, tax his transactions, and that makes him moot, first, and finally mute.

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