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Thursday, February 23, 2012

All aboard for mayhem

A reader sends along this photo of what appears to be a test run of Portland's wonderful new east side streetcar:

Is that the mayor up in the front talking to the operator?

Oh, the tweets you'll tweet... The gangsters are also practicing their beating, menacing, and stabbing techniques, no doubt.

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One more train to avoid. WTG PO

Certainly this rail line will reduce congestion on Grand / MLK during rush hour times.


won't it? Yeah, no.

Is the ad for United Finance real?

Even better, it will create congestion, encouraging you to use it instead or ride a bike, and Portland will be green, green forever!

I don't see a bicycle rack...Do the bikers have to wheel their bikes ONTO the street car? Surely they won't be banned, will they?

Would duct taping one of those Halloween rubber hands under the rocker panel be a crime? How about if it was attached to a pedestrian?

Is Sammy giving driving lessons? Watch out for the curbs when you are drunk and otherwise engaged in non driving activities?

I like the "United Finance - Loans Now" sign on the side of the thing. Perfect!

It really is a classic for a city of 588,000 that's $6 billion in debt.

United Finance benefits greatly from the re-zoning that is the real impetus for ALL the toy trains that are gifted upon the citizenry by yet another legacy politico.

I am convinced that the Katz/Adams/Leonard cabal is the real world experiment of Mister Rogers' Neighborhood of Make-Believe (except we get to pay without a say).

When the east side toy train goes "live" I propose that a bunch of us get together and dress as the puppets and ride that sucker all day!

I nominate the following:

-King Friday XII/Queen Sara Saturday = Jack/Mrs. Jack

-X the Owl = Bill McDonald

-Henrietta Pussycat = Stenchy


Wait a second...that Operator is a TriMet employee.

There is an unauthorized person in the cab distracting the Operator.

I don't care if it's the damn Mayor. He is not a qualified employee. "HE" does not own the Streetcar. And there are other managers presumably present that allowed this security AND safety breach.

Sounds like everyone on that train needs to be given termination notices. SAFETY FIRST - ALWAYS.

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