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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Willamette Weed

Today the venerable Portland weekly feeds us not one, not two, not three, but four stories about pot. (Maybe more -- are we missing any?)

Is this an indirect slam on state attorney general candidate Dwight Holton, who as acting U.S. attorney battled marijuana? Then again, maybe they just like a good buzz over there. Sometimes a blunt is just a blunt.

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Government sponsored green energy programs are going nowhere. Meanwhile, the underground green market is thriving.

It has everything to do with advertising, I suspect. Right now, the only thing keeping the whole Village Voice Media weekly newspaper empire going is the medical marijuana advertising money coming in from Denver. Arioch knows that the ad revenue isn't coming from interest in the stories they're running.

Here's what I know about this: I don't smoke pot now although I experimented with several railroad boxcars full of it when I was younger.

However, one of the bands I was in over the last 20 years had a singer who was active in the movement, so we played quite a few events for medical marijuana including the main stage at the Seattle Hempfest several times, and other gigs here in Portland, and Salem. I write comedy so I had a few standard hack lines ready for the crowd like, "I really wish I had the Twinkie concession at this bastard, I can tell you that."

Since we were often there all day up in Seattle, I began learning about the movement, hearing speeches and they broke down into 2 heartbreaking, serious categories:

1. Medical marijuana is the most effective anti-nausea medicine available and denying it to sick people is tantamount to a death sentence in many cases. It is also good at pain management. The reason it is not already available nationally for the sick, is that our corporate pharmaceutical industry does not want to compete with it.

2. The prison industry of America has used the war on drugs as a profit center. If you heard some of the stories, some of the sentences handed down.. I remember one young African American who graduated from Howard University and that night was at a party where marijuana was used by others, and who ended up with a list of charges that was right out of a gulag in a police state. There are shocking stories by the thousands from our criminal justice system on this matter. Things like 30 years hard time for a couple of joints, etc.... This is a human rights disaster.

3. I realize the line between medical and recreational is not easy to keep. They do taylor-make some of the strains for specific medical problems, but it was clear from the names that there was an aspect of how high they got you. But the level of government B.S. associated with the War on Drugs is not unlike the level of B.S. we've heard about the War on Terror. Both seem to be designed to make money for certain corporations, and the stated goals of battling drugs or terrorism are mainly PR moves designed to keep a fearful public in line. if you want to battle a truly dangerous drug that causes untold violence and health problems, as well as mountains of personal misery, start with alcohol.

Shortly after I realized what was going on, I regretted the Cheech and Chong nature of some of my jokes at the Seattle Hempfest. I'm never going to say marijuana can't be a problem for an addictive personality but so can lots of things. But the humanitarian medical stuff and the outrageous prison system stuff, make me a firm believer that this should be legalized. At least leave it up to the States and not the federal government.

Dude, that is so, like . . . like . . . wait . . . what?

Thank you for the insight on Dwight Horton. Colorado has shown the way on medical marijuana (see "Highs and Laws", p. 43, December 3rd, 2011).

Especially following Bill's insightful and succinct comment, your tired old idiot-stoner trope really annoys Eric. Leave the humor to Bill if you can't come up with something more original. Cheech and Chong did that schtick way better 40 years ago.

I've said it here before, as a long time bartender, I'll take a stoner over a drunk any day.

I don't know how many times I've told a trainee: "Marijuana is why God made storm drains..."

I'm in total agreement with Bill. I'm also for the constitutional amendment legalizing it, and I will sign the petition putting it on the ballot. It's simple, straight forward, and it doesn't require government regulation which leads to black market activity. In addition to many other benefits to medical marijauana patients, putting pot dealers out of business and so forth, it would free up law enforcement resources towards solving and preventing violent crime. We don't have enough money in the City of Portland budget to process DNA samples from violent offenders and supposedly there are no additional funds to slow down the rampant gang violence. We had enough money to open 600 investgations for marijauna in the last year. Reefer Madness was a big lie perpetuated by the Hearst newspaper empire in the 30's and it's high time that we roll back the clock. (no pun intended)

Ex-bartender, dude, chill. Sounds like you could use a joint.

The only thing missing is the Romper Room Doobie.

Great, I read the articles linked to and now I am seeing ads for Iolite vaporizors on various sites.

Seriously, for every one person you know or have heard of that abuses their OMMP card privileges, there are probably several who really need and use the stuff as medicine.

There are plenty of folks out there who abuse prescription drugs and alcohol which are legal...

I don't really see the conflict with Holton and weed. I see it more of a states' rights issue.

The federal govt does not recognize state laws authorizing medical marijuana use.

While working as a federal prosecutor you have to enforce the law no matter how ridiculous... Holton was towing the Federal DOJ line while the US Atty that marijuana is evil.

Has he said that he is opposed to medical marijuana and will work against it as Oregon AG?

I support medical marijuana and will be voting for Holton. I don't see the conflict.

Hmmmmm. Well Jack, it looks like your readers may be just as supportive of marijuana legalization as the Willy Week readers. I'm also with Bill.

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