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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Talking back to Carollo

The City of Portland and the State of Oregon say the state is likely to give the city a "variance" that will eliminate the need to start construction on a $100 million ultraviolet treatment plant at its Bull Run reservoir. But observers of the city's water bureau, which is way too cozy with the private corporations that are dying to build the plant, are taking nothing for granted. And so they have submitted extensive comments to the state, making the case for eliminating the spendy treatment requirement.

One set of comments is signed by a long list of folks, including two docs from Physicians for Social Responsibility. It's here. Scott Fernandez, a microbiologist and Mount Tabor Reservoir neighbor who's followed the issue closely, adds his points here. Fernandez thinks the feds are using junk science and engaging in scare tactics to strong-arm water systems into unnecessary, and bank-breaking, treatment plans. He makes a strong case.

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All PWB has to say is, "It's too late to turn back now, the city's committed. We could get sued!"

Watch and see. The foxes have taken ownership of the henhouse.

Handing over our tax money to special interests for ridiculous projects that help no one but the people building them.

That's what our government does.......

Experience hath shewn, that even under the best forms of government those entrusted with power have, in time, and by slow operations, perverted it into tyranny.
(Thomas Jefferson)

Fernandez thinks the feds are using junk science and engaging in scare tactics to strong-arm water systems into unnecessary, and bank-breaking, treatment plans.

Replace cryptosporidium with global warming, treatment plants with cap-and-trade, and the treatment plant pushing corporations with Wall Street investment banks and I think I'm beginning to see a pattern.

a pattern

Does it look like receding glaciers?

EPA is reconsidering the LT2 and this year 2012, EPA is reviewing the regulation of LT2, so it would seem the prudent thing for PWB and our city now would be to put a complete moratorium on the projects, including the reservoirs.

In my opinion, PWB wants to continue with their plan to get rid of those reservoirs, lots of money to made there for some. I got that clue when told by an elected official that they might be able to save the treatment plant, but no way the reservoirs!! Of course that was before NY Senator Schumer asked EPA to reconsider capping their NY reservoir.

It appears that PWB went on a fast track spending spree to do just what Mr. Grumpy brought up:
All PWB has to say is, "It's too late to turn back now,.....

So while our PWB was intent on moving forward on projects and spending,
NY got a delay until 2028 and are requesting an extension to 2034.

If you want to know if the FIX is in, look no further than the City
of Portland's application to Clackamas County allowing the City
to build a water treatment plant at the headworks of the Bull Run
Dam (welcome invasive species zebra mussel City of Portland
bonus). This is the same treatment plant that the City has asked
for a variance --"wink wink" -- NOT to build. Of course, the same
private consulting firm making millions through the City Water Bureau feeding tube are not going to allow the no build option to stand.

To make sure the skids are all greased, the Hearing Officer hired
by Clackamas County to rule on the City of Portland water treatment conditional use permit also serves as a City of Portland Hearing Officer. The chances of the Hearing Officer
ruling against the City Water Bureau are about zero if he plans
to continue to be paid to conduct future hearings for the City of

The City knows it will receive a favorable ruling to build a plant it says it does not want or need. And the City knows that appealing the decision will cost citizen activists thousands in legal fees. Nice closed loop of self fulfilling outcomes.

PWB making the case for eliminating the treatment plant??
In writing....or actions?

sleuthjean posted information for the public to see their mode of operation.

If they move forward on that plant, and we know they want to, also troublesome is bringing in all this equipment, how sure can we be that the standards for "cleaning" would keep invasive species out of our Bull Run?

As I mentioned above, it is clear we need a complete moratorium.

In my opinion, we must have people in charge that can be trusted before our water system is ruined. Shaff and others need to be fired for this underhanded maneuver. We have had enough of "what they say" and then "what they do!”

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