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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Super Carole breaks the news

The mailman dropped off a postcard today:

The train is on the track and boarded, and the locomotive is fired up and ready to go, but please do stop by and say a few words about what you think about trains.

At least you get a blurry photograph. There's probably some sort of symbolism there, but it's too subtle for us.

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The symbolism is that they can't even get the picture right. Actually, it's more likely some attempt at being artsy-fartsy, using blurred pictures is the latest in post-modernism to public school bureaucrats. And somebody's wife or girl friend got paid for doing that picture.

Bet the Madeleine School website gets an unusually high amount of traffic this evening.

Why bother with pretending to consider public feedback? It's a done deal if Super Carole says so. Sounds like another dog and pony show to me.

Funny, except it isn't. Schools wouldn't be "overcrowded" if PPS hadn't decided to start closing schools and parcel out the real estate over the last 15 years because at that time enrollment was falling as Portlanders starting jumping ship and moving to the suburbs and beyond when the current anti-family "young active singles" planning policies starting being announced.

Same ol' story, create a shortage, then raise the price.

The photo is perfect: reveals the vision and POV of an intoxicated person, as well as one who has been involuntarily poisoned.

Have you ever considered homeschooling?

"When you put mentally disturbed people in power, this is what you get: a collective nervous breakdown."

There is no difference between the PPS administration and city hall.

The same Sam Rand breed of people are running the school system, TriMet, Metro, PDC, Multnomah County etc.

They are nothing like our liberal host or the 1000s of other rational liberal democrats throughout the region.

This blue breed is something else and it's not good.

Ben: and most of the posters to this site continue to vote theses same idiots into office only because they have a D next to there names.

Ben, there are lots of rational conservatives who are as gobsmacked as we are. Sure, they have their own behaviors and beliefs as disturbing to us as ours are to them, but there is an overlap that also believes "the management" has gone off the rails and is plowing through the woods.

No doubt Sho Dozono and his crew would have made decisions that would make our blood boil but I doubt we would have been wondering what version of reality he's living in.

Well, my former home was in the Alameda --> Sabin boundary change. I suppose if I still owned it I be upset because that is going to impact property value. Moved a short distance away and made the decision to put the kids in private school last year. Too much uncertainty.

Spoke with a former neighbor over the holidays, they were more upset about the new cost added to renovations after being designated an "historic neighborhood." Had to pay for some review board to look over and approve a window replacement. They decided to forgo the project.

Richard/s: the city council and mayor elections have been non-partisan for years.

But you are correct, candidates get labeled conservative, liberal, independent, etc, and citizens without critical thinking skills vote accordingly. All it takes are a few signals to sway the voters in a particular direction. Just look at the current race for mayor.

I love that oh-so-user-friendly URL they put on there. I guess the concept of using bit.ly or some other URL shortener didn't ever occur to them. It's a very small detail, yes, but telling.

Thanks Carole. Where do I submit a refund request for the $10,000-$15,000 drop in the value of our home?

Seems like a pretty good informational announcement to me. The above comments showed no constructive alternatives to changing boundaries or even an understanding of the constraints and demands placed on the district as the city changes. Simply calling people idiots does not constitute any kind of useful dialogue.

Alas, inferring that the people above are, too, is even less.

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