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Friday, January 27, 2012

Strangest bedfellows ever

We are not making this up: The City of Portland is hiring David Reinhard to try to sell the dopey "sustainability center" project (that big old hunk of steaming pork for the voracious Mark Edlen and crew) to downstate Republicans in the legislature. The Sam Rand Twins and Reinhard -- there's quality for ya.

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The Scamability Center must really be on the ropes if Sam-Rand have to hire a -- GULP -- Republican.

New Years Eve, The O published this, and by a guest columnist, maybe they need to hire guest columnists more often to tell the truth.


Oh No! I thought we finally had rid ourselves of Rheinhard the blowhard.

When President Bush and Dick Cheney sold America on the War on Iraq using - not just bad intelligence - but lies, there were 2 main local water-carrying PR agents for the effort: Lars Larson and David Reinhard.

For their part in this, both of these men should spend the rest of their days helping the veterans of that fiasco. Maybe take in some of the homeless from the Iraq War roaming the streets of America with PTS. That would be only right, but we all know it's not going to happen.

Lars, who never served in the military, was so quick to talk tough in his headlong rush to serve Bush and Cheney and help send these young people into Iraq, and he was rewarded. He even parlayed his efforts into a visit to the Oval Office.

I don't listen but I'm sure these days he babbles on about how the imperial presidency of President Obama is a threat to our system of government, but back then, when the country needed him, Lars was 100% onboard with the Bush administration on Iraq as that imperial presidency used the Constitution as its own personal toilet paper.

At least Lars was there until he bravely broke away to fight the War on Christmas. Ahh, to be in the same town with such couage.

Then there was Reinhard who would write columns about how great Iraq was going. One was boldly called, "On the Ground in Baghdad: How Goes the Battle"- written, not on the ground in Iraq, but safely from his desk at the Oregonian building.

Sigh. The historians would say that war is over now, except that wars don't really end until the last veterans who fought them live out the rest of their lives paying for the experience.

But that's not David Reinhard's problem though, is it? And it's not Lars' either. They move on to their next safe little paychecks while the trillion-dollar fiasco they helped sell drifts slowly off into the history books, only brought to mind when one of these badly hurt veterans can no longer deal with life and ends it all in some horrendous incident right here in the good old USA.

Have fun with the Sustainability Center, Dave. I'd recommend not installing any mirrors in case you catch a glimpse of yourself.

Bill, you know vampires don't reflect in mirrors.

"Wars don't really end until the last veterans who fought them live out their lives paying for their experience." Maybe some day we will get this concept into our fat heads before we pull the trigger on the next stupid war. Also, don't forget tnat most of these veterans have families and loved ones who are along for the ride as well. Often times the hell these people go through after the fact is just as bad or worse than the war itself.

Seems kind of like Gingrich lobbying for (er, excuse me, being a historian for) Fannie and Freddie.

When my eye first flashed across the article I thought you were referring to Reinhard as a big old hunk of steaming pork.

Sweaty, sure, but steaming? Eh, why not.

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