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Thursday, January 5, 2012

Rosenblum becomes instant front-runner

It's only the second day of her candidacy, but already former Judge Ellen Rosenblum looks like the candidate to beat in the race to succeed John Kroger as Oregon attorney general. Today Dave Frohnmayer endorsed her, which means that the Old Boy Network is behind her.

Frohnmayer, of course, hates Kroger as a result of Cylviagate, and Dwight Holton is best buddies with Kroger. And so Frohnmayer's announcement is no surprise. What is remarkable is how vulnerable Holton suddenly looks.

As we noted yesterday, he'll have to deal with his track record of hampering the quasi-legalization of pot. And he made no friends among the ACLU set with his advocacy of the Joint Terrorism Task Force when the Portland City Council was hemming and hawing about joining it. Holton will need union support, and maybe a few big checks from Kroger, to overcome all that. We hope he does, because whatever Dave Frohnmayer (PERS pension $21,027 a month) is for, we lean strongly against.

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Two other Democrats are expected to challenge Rosenblum in the primary -- former acting U.S. Attorney Dwight Holton and Portland lawyer Katherine Heekin.

What about Katherine Heekin as an alternative to an Old Boy Network anointed one?



She'll run a distant third, if she decides to run at all. Hard to tell which of the other two she'd help more -- probably Holton.

All you folks pushing Heekin do know that she spent years as an associate and then a junior partner at a Medford law firm know as Frohnmayer & Dethridge, right?

Otto and Bill.

Otto being Dave's father.

I'm not a pusher, Nonny. Just askin'.

I think Ellen is a good lawyer and was a good judge - (despite a really stupid ruling she made on the fly in a case I tried before her - which was simply wrong) but ya know, that happens. God knows I've made a few stupid comments in court in my time. I think she'd make a good AG.

Compared to today's GOP, when was Dave Frohnmayder a Republican?

Spelling error, it is Frohnmayer.

Good grief. Heekin worked for Dave Frohnmayer's dad (who'd be about 103 if he were still living today), and Rosenblum has drawn a favorable public comment from Dave, so that makes the JTTF-loving, medical marijuana-hating Holton the candidate of choice? No wonder things are in such a state around here.

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