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Sunday, January 1, 2012

Remembering Wink

There are many wonderful bright lights in the gray winter mists of Portland, and one of them shines at LeLo's house. But it's a little dimmer than usual over there right now, and all a friend can say is that it's a shame. Condolences to the people who have lost a great friend.

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I had to say goodbye on 12/6 to my beautiful Lab Silly Lili. We went through a lot together - 5 surgeries for soft tissue sarcoma, 22 fractions of radiation, but sometimes the fate is written in the stars. It has been a holiday adventure (of sorts) to try to readjust to life without her. Some people think it is just a blink of an eye - it isn't. Thanks Jack for remembering your friends' small one. I hope that your readers will remember that losing a pet isn't just a 'blink of an eye'. It, like everything else, is a bit of a jouney.

Just today I thought about our lost buddy Ralphie. It was as if he was right there in the back of the kitchen. Our "man" -- he'll not be forgotten.

Thanks, Jack. Your kind words mean a lot to us.

Thanks Jack. I lost my beloved Lili the silly lab on December 6. It sure put a pall on the holidays. We had been through five rounds of soft tissue sarcoma surgeries, plus radiation. And then her back legs just gave out. Next came the hard decision every pet owner dreads.

Obviously I didn't read my post before last - sorry. Clearly I have it on my mind. Hate to be repetitive though!

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