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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

One out of six

Portland police made an arrest yesterday in one of the five gangster shoot-em-ups that took place in Portland on Sunday: a 15-year-old who allegedly shot up a house in Southeast Portland using a .22 rifle.

But around 5:00 yesterday morning, another house was hit, around 48th and Killingsworth. Apparently more than a dozen bullets hit the house. And so the gangsters are still ahead by 5.

The mayor says all the shooting is "absolutely unacceptable." The man's pure genius.

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What's "absolutely unacceptable" is that our police commissioner can't marshall the police force into doing actual police work.

Somehow I get the feeling that if this was happening in any other top-25 city in the US, the police would be doing something about it.

They've made a few arrests, and the feds came up with a bunch of indictments in the last week or two. But as soon as the shootings get off the news shows, they'll go back to sleep.

I hate to say it, but you could fill up Wapato with gangsters from Portland now. Of course, that's never going to happen.

"Absolutely unacceptable" is what I say to my daughter when she leaves her room trashed.

More evidence that our mayor who has already quitter uncool parts of his job, has not a clue nor the spine to do something effective in this case.

What would I suggest? How about mixing up the pots of money to boost gang enforcement funds? How about making a (dare I say California style) move to make some of the sim city crap stop, and fund efforts to beat back the gangs, and maybe talk to the county about sticking the worst of the gang types in a cell. If only we had a new jail to put the gangsters into that was just sitting around.

Sam seems to tirelessly work on all the cool stuff, and loves the perks of being mayor. Maybe he should spend some time going to the inevitable funerals like Kulongoski did for the Iraq war dead. Maybe those poor parents and family members can reach him.

The best thing he could do is to end his lame duck period and resign. It would be nice if a really grown up ran the city for a while.

The 15 year old will be out on bail in a week. If the DA prosecutes him, he'll get probation unless this is his 3rd arrest.

More anti-gun laws? These kids aren't afraid of the law. They rarely get caught, and when they do, they get a slap on the wrist. The kid knows he could have murdered someone and he is likely to be released at the age of majority.

Here's a real solution: open Wapato. Fill it up. Prosecute all gang and gun crimes.

I hope anti-gun advocates aren't planning a hand gun ban after a boyscout's 22 rifle was used in a drive by.

Congratulations to the Portland Police Bureau for successfuly defeating community policing. Now major violence always comes as a complete "surprise" because police are unconnected to daily life in NE Portland.

This joins the other great triumphs of the recent past: lowering education standards for new hires and rejecting internal and external recommendations for better training for veterans.

Now because of the all these "unexpected" crises, police officers make an even better case to ignore crime prevention before the shooting.

The mayor's solution will be to try to get more spandex on bicycles in that neighborhood. Portland's solution to all problems is taxpayer subsidized gentrification.

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