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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Portland auditor says DNA testing is too slow

The main reason appears to be that the state crime lab is inadequate, but City Auditor LaVonne Griffin-Valade has a few suggestions for improvement at the Portland police as well.

Maybe we should take some of that $250 million in lottery money that's going to be blown on the Milwaukie MAX train and... nah, never mind.

Comments (2)

The lottery money is all being spent first.
Planning reimbursement, the bridge & property acquisition.

Portland will be on the hook for around $60 million from UR, SDCs and parking revenue and that $20 million moved over from the Sellwood bridge funding.

At some point TriMet is going to borrow $63 million against their own operations revenue
already in a crisis shortfall as far as the auditor's eyes can see.

Mayhem is what this is all about.

The only hope is firings and a halt to the insanity.

I'm just waiting until an inadequate crime lab has actual equipment failures that result in ruining evidence and setting violent criminals free.

Go by streetcar!

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