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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Phil Knight, higher education expert

Now he knows more than the people running Penn State University. Just like he knows more than the people running the Oregon university system. Maybe he should start a university and run it himself.

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"Maybe he should start a university and run it himself."

Well, he didn't start the U of O, but . . .

He doesn't run it entirely. He will if it gets its "independence" (from public oversight).

Now that the university is dependent on all his "help" they are in a tough spot to complain. You can't just take from someone and then claim independence - in personal life, government or business. Colleges too. So who's fault is this -- the giver or the taker?

Knight style arrogance at the memorial, or maybe just words said to help a grieving family. Who knows with Phil, but is anyone really so wise they can place blame on anyone for how things ended with Paterno? A man who left this world following an unforgivable lapse in duty, after having done so much good for so many people.

What a pompus human being. He's done a lot of great things for the U of O and Stanford, but if the price is listening to King Phillip lecture on morality and defend the indefensible I'll pass.

Nike owns that account for ever and ever!

Uh, maybe not for long, Abe.

Meanwhile, the current Governor Tom Corbett -- and formerly Attorney General campaigning as "a cop" during the incredibly long-drawn out "secret investigation" of the prime accused, and who (while AG) took hundreds of thousands of dollars in campaign contributions from the board members and associates of the child abuse criminal target's nonprofit corp. -- ought to have some serious things to be worried about.

He was all self-righteous with daily press statements and press conference appearances until the news about the campaign contributions and slow-played "investigation" was revealed by a young reporter in the state capital newspaper.

Phil's Morality Tour's next stop: The Tiger Woods Family Values Center. Maybe along the way, he can pop in at the Boston Archdiocese's Mentoring Program.

Please share your vast wisdom with us all, O Captain of the Waffle Shoe.

I love the priest joining in the standing ovation. With the little kids standing next to him. Quite an image.

"I love the priest joining in the standing ovation."

Sorry, my favorite was the statement itself, the problem is the investigation - Not JoePa spraining his neck looking the other way.

He [Phil] doesn't run it [UO] entirely. He will if it gets its "independence" (from public oversight).

And why would he ever want to run it? That entails responsibility and accountability, and having to deal with the hard questions such as those raised by this guy. The present system of calling the shots but not needing to do anything else I'm sure suits him just fine.

Hey, Phil Knight...how about crying and getting all emotional about the little boys who were RAPED by adults? Oh yeah, sorry, forgot clowns like you (money and all) have "priorities." Priorities like defending those who didn't(and still don't) give a damn about those little boys and as a result did not speak up and speak up quickly and at a very loud voice level to the authorities. No Knight tears for the children. But hey, they're probably unwealthy children anyway, not the kids of billionaires, so who cares? (HINT...NOT Knight)

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