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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

One Oregon Supreme Court seat as good as filled

In this month's Oregon Bar Bulletin, there's a full page ad for Judge Dave Brewer, who's running for one of the two upcoming vacancies on the Oregon Supreme Court. It's one of those ads that's designed to blow any potential opponents out of the water. There are so many endorsements listed that a reader would need a magnifying glass and half an hour to read them all. You look at it and say, "Win."

Here's a web version of Brewer's supporter list -- in particular, check out this crew. Don't start calling him "Justice" until after the May election -- he's the chief judge of the Court of Appeals through the end of the year -- but barring revelation of compromising photos involving children or animals, that race appears to be over. And no doubt the Old Boys couldn't be happier about it.

The other vacancy on the Supreme Court has three contenders signed up, and there could be more between now and the filing deadline of March 6. That one might be a little more interesting.

Comments (3)

I don't know if I'm considered one of the "good old boys" or not, but Dave and I go way back. On Jan. 2, 1995, when he was still a Lane County circuit court judge and both of us were in Pasadena attending the Rose Bowl, he swore me in as labor commissioner at half-time (although I had a more formal ceremony once we returned to Oregon).

It has been years since I have represented clients in the state appellate courts, but I remember tortured and twisted opinions in favor of the good olds and AWOPS for outsiders raising legitimate legal issues. My opinion has been that the court system here in disgraceful, and I have found out that I am far from alone.

Is Jack Roberts a good old boy. I don't know. I began to wonder when I read his pot shots at John Kroger. Good olds try to oust outsiders by blowing any mistakes, missteps or weaknesses waaay out of proportion. This is to create plausible deniability as to what otherwise would be obvious retaliation.

I am shocked that judge positions actually have more than one candidate in any election in this state. It's so rare. There seems to be a tacit agreement that there won't be challengers. A long cry from the NY ballots I first voted on.

As for Jack Roberts... yeah I'd call him an insider. Maybe he'd like to get into his family's history in Oregon.

I would agree with Cynthia that the legal and court system in Oregon is a disgrace but I'd just say political affiliation isn't the issue but the entire old boy system. D's and R's are both suspect and both have old boys.

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