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Friday, January 27, 2012

Lund Report: Cornilles is lying

The local health care news and commentary website says that the "job creating" Republican congressional candidate is misrepresenting what it reported about his opponent.

Thank heaven that ugly little cat fight is almost over.

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As if the "Lund Report" --whatever that is-- doesn't have its own little agenda.

Many would argue Bonamici has not been 100% honest either. An example of the cat fighting going on every day in Washington. The two main parties so divided there is little hope for progress anytime soon. Like a bad marriage that should be headed for divorce, each side continues to resist a permanent separation. Both parties insist things might someday work out, knowing full well that’s not ever likely to happen.

I voted for one of the two smaller candidates, and not the one whose political "party" name was just a synonym for "Democratic". I'm more interested in voting for someone that campaigns on what they do, not on the other person. I threw away a lot of campaign porn from both parties and maybe they'd like to contribute to my garbage party's PAC.

So hold your nose and vote for Cornellis if only to stop the electeds from funding Barbur/99 light rail whihc Bonemmici certainly will be working for.

This race was an opportunity for the "Occupy" minded people to make a difference.
Those in the 1st district have a choice between a party hack who sang Wu's praises or a small businessman who has his own flaws.
But instead of supporting a third party candidate the "occupiers" chose to just HAVE a party. Until people's patience ran out and the kids all got sent home to mom's basement.
I'm glad I live in the 3rd district and don't worry about getting a choice.

Ben, I will say this until I am blue in the face. As long as the R's run morons who play the religious right agenda, they are not gonna win elections. I cannot vote for anti-choice and anti-gay liars like Cornilles. And BTW this is my district not yours. It's the lesser of effen evils and my rights trump some Mormon who will represent the 1%.

Lucs: so far SEIU, AFL-CIO, and DCC have pumped over $2 million in to support Suzanne.

Republicans have supplied $85,000 to Cornilles.

You must shudder to contemplate where your heroine would be today, absent all that cold and dirty cash.


"And BTW this is my district not yours"


I have a stack of their mailers and my ballot sitting here.

I get your immovable position and that's all well and good for you.

I was talking to everyone else who may not want to see another deep blue zombie misappropriating billions for the insane Portland agenda.

So you would be voting for Wu or Sam Adams if he were running in this race?

@Max - She is not my heroine. She is the lesser of evils. I don't believe in throwing my vote away against non-contenders as that is like giving a vote to Robbie Teabagger.

@Ben I did not know District 1 went into Clackistani territory. I thought it was a bit of MultCo (my area) and WashCo and Yamhill and Columbia and Clatsop counties.

And my position is about acting in my personal self interest which is unfortunately mandated by the stupidity of the Repugs who would do best to focus on fiscal conservatism a la Eisenhower or Goldwater. I really don't understand why you find that so baffling.

I would for the lesser of evils based on my criteria. Unlike NY where I grew up and first voted, there are no viable alternative parties as there were back then.

Jack, this cat spat was over 3 months ago, when LarsLarson kissed and blessed Cornilles's candidacy -- the kiss of political doom.

Whatever LarsLarson says, the fact and result is the opposite.

It is like rightwing President Obama saying he would close Gitmo dungeons of torture-murder. The result is the torture-murders continue.
Lately Obama says he would stop the Keystone pipeline. That decides it: wastefully build out that pipeline.
He says he will prosecute illegal Conginsideress trading. GuaranTEE from now on more Congresspersons trading more-big more-blatant Wall St deals rapaciously.
He says he will protect Social Security.
Bonamici says she will protect Social Security.
Translation: whatever you've paid into Social Security is going going gone.

LarsLarson is one copy (Cornilles, Bonamici, Obama are more copies) of all whose lies are deliberately the opposite of facts and results. (BTW, LarsLarson says there is no human industrial-caused global heating climate chaos worsening to burn to death our children, grandchildren, future generations, and life on Earth; so, says LarsLarson, America should continue business as usual and there's no need for complete reformation of our economy.)

In case anyone missed seeing it, the USCongress has been privatized.
It is no longer a public institution.

We the People have to power the scrap-heap the whole corrupt WashDC mess. (USSR dissolved their own Union when Moscow's corrupt military spending waste bankrupted that 'nation,' so there is modern large-scale precedent for peaceful breakup of unworkable 'nationalism'.) Oregonians might consider rebooting to our initial conditions when "Oregon Country" began as separate and sovereign from the country of the United States.

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