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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Kelly may fly coop before chickens come home to roost

It's becoming a standard story: A college football coach appears to break the recruiting rules, and before his school is disciplined for it, he runs away to coach in the professional ranks. It happened at U.S.C., and now it's happening at U.C. Nike (located in Eugene). But as old Chipster reportedly exits the scene of his problems, apparently he's contractually bound to leave many millions of dollars behind as a penalty for terminating his contract early. Gee, we certainly hope so, but ridding our state of this unsavory fellow is priceless. And good luck with the gimmicks in the pro's, pal.

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Jack, aren't you a law professor, or at least a former one? If so you of all people should understand and honor the principle of "innocent until proven guilty." You call Kelly a rule breaker as if that's established fact, and go on to call him "unsavory." And you've been going on and on about subjective statements by Oregonian reporters???? Bloggers ought to have some self responsibility too....

Is Kelly going to be taking the OHSU tram down to Tampa/St. Pete?

The presumption of innocence applies in criminal cases. I don't think Mr. Kelly is under criminal investigation, although that certainly would be interesting.

His thank you note to the scout in Texas is pretty good evidence that an NCAA violation has occurred, and he personally was involved. By the preponderance of the evidence that I have seen, it's easy to conclude that a violation has occurred.

As for "unsavory," well, he simply is. Look it up. And now he's jilting you Duckies for money. Good riddance to him, and you go ahead and enjoy the year of probation if it comes to that.

'unsavory' is quite unfair - seeing as they're getting 'investigated' due to a complaint from Oklahoma about rules - which EVERY single team has to adhere to.

'Investigated' yes - but anyone who has a complaint filed has to be 'investigated.'

Bureaucratic BS all and time will show that.

Kelly is a winning, dedicated, honest coach and everyone wants to take own #1.

Looks like you still have Chip Kelly to kick around some more: http://es.pn/y9XiVG

Tampa Bay would be a career wrecker for just about anyone.... Chipster ain't that dumb apparently.

I think Jack's issue is with Buck not Chip.

Well at least that saves the state of Oregon from 1000 and 1 emergency hire requests.

Kinda hard to see Kelly's gimmicks working in the pros. TB is not in that bad shape (re: last year), they do need defensive backfield help though.

I have doubts about Chip's offense working in the pros, but they said the same thing about the West Coast offense. And The Tebows made it to the second round playing a dumbed down version of Chips spread. No one ever thinks the new thing is going to work until it does.

Looks like it may be time for a retraction of the hopeful "Fly the Coop" story.

This was a "Stop the presses!" story down in Eugene. My Register Guard wasn't on the porch at 2:20 am as usual. From the front page article they waited until midnight to go to press after finally hearing from their "reliable source" (who had flip flopped on their earlier claim Kelly was leaving).

We've got to get past this so we can focus on the really dangerous part of the Ducks' schedule: The off-season.

First time I've ever commented on bojack: This is a great blog that I have appreciated reading for many years, with one exception: irrational negativity towards the UO athletic program. Otherwise keep up the great work Jack, but stick to the NFL!

Kelly is a winning, dedicated, honest coach and everyone wants to take own #1.

Damn, I forgot that the Ducks won the National Championship.

Oh wait, they didn't even play for it this year.

In a purely football sense, the quarterback in Chip's scheme takes too many hits during the games. Of course, this year everyone's saying, "What about Tim Tebow?" Well, Tebow came out of that game against New England pretty banged up.

To quote the Denver Post:

"Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow suffered bruises to his chest and right (nonthrowing) shoulder and torn rib cartilage during Saturday night's playoff game at New England, an NFL source said Wednesday. Had the Broncos defeated the Patriots, Tebow probably wouldn't have been able to play in the AFC championship game this weekend."

Too many hits? I don't believe Thomas missed very many games. In fact Thomas rarely ran the ball at all. Hand off or pass. Masoli missed very few games also. Dixon tweaked his own knee.

Seems like Eli took a good number of hits last night and Vick gets nailed regularly. I doubt Kelly's QBs would get hit any more often than other pro QBs.

Dennis Dixon tweaked his own knee? My recollection was that he got hit on the legs on a running play, but the Ducks kept the extent of the injury secret. Then in a later game, the knee buckled because of the contact injury from before.

I think the consensus is that the spread offense as Chip runs it would have to be tweaked a little because the hits the quarterback does take will be delivered by NFL players moving faster with more weight. Yes, Michael Vick gets nailed regularly as a quarterback who runs a lot, and that's why he's missed a bunch of games the last 2 seasons.

You're certainly right that Eli got rocked in the pocket yesterday. That is one tough dude.

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