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Thursday, January 5, 2012

Is this guy a journalist?

When a federal judge ruled last month that a blogger wasn't a journalist, one of the criteria he listed for the latter status was "contacting 'the other side' to get both sides of a story." Sometimes we wonder whether some of the Portland's salaried newshounds pass this test.

Take, for example, three stories emanating from the computer screen of one particular reporter at the Portland Business Journal over the last couple of days:




It's probably more laziness or being over-extended than it is malice, but sheesh! Would it kill him to at least try to get a comment from an opposing point of view? Future reporters of America, please don't emulate this fellow. Warming over City Hall press releases is not journalism.

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So if they had planned on spending 8.6 million more for the reservoir, where is that extra money going? Should we expect some refunds? Ha Ha Ha.

It is far easier to regurgitate a spoon fed press release than to actually pick up the phone, make a few calls, and ask a few mildly probing questions. What stands for journalism today in most cases is a travesty. There are thousands of bloggers out there doing a better job of covering issues than most "journalists", Bojack being a prime example.

Maybe Andy Giegerich could host a blog list of "Press Releases," and use his journalistic expertise to coordinate a dialogue.

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