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Friday, January 13, 2012

Have a great holiday weekend

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Love me some Tom Jones. He puts the grrrr in swinger, baby.
Puts on great show. That's one old pee-paw who still has it goin on.

Thanks Jack, you're an inspiration.


Crosby's so ripped...

All of the big four look at least a little toasted. The rhythm section (Dallas Taylor and Fuzzy Samuels) looks together. Tom was probably on coffee.

Those are some HOT tamales! Almost gospel
strong. Included in the link are other Tom Jones jams. The David Gilmour/TJ jam on Purple Rain is AWESOME too. Thanks for the fun.

Don't forget the Y who was also in the video.
Awesome video Jack.

Tom Jones & Steven Stills on the same stage? Isn't that like the 6th Seal of the Apocalypse?

Even if David Crosby had never gone onto Crosby, Stills, Nash, and Young, he still would have been in one of the most important and influential rock groups ever. In fact, I still think of him first and foremost as a founding member of the Byrds.

The Byrds' harmonies were something else. Between them and McGuinn's guitar, everything just rang out like rock hadn't heard before.

What a wonderous example of the talent and versatility of these guys in a loose, live jam. TJ was (and still is) a smokin' singer, Stills' falsetto screaming is just great blue-eyed soul, Young gets in a few tasty licks, the rythmn section digs into the slower, funkier groove, and the Crosby-Nash harmonies are sweet and strong, albeit a little rushed as they go into each chorus (probably because they are used to doing the tune at a faster tempo). Really good fun, and a great remembrance of the musical scene some 40-odd years ago (emphasis on "odd"). Thanks, Jack.

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