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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Hard times for the real Earl the Pearl

One of the stars of our beloved mid-'70s New York Knicks has been having his medical issues. Which is truly sad, because in his prime, the man had, as they used to say, "more moves than Ex-Lax." We wish him and his family peace through his current ordeals.

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God you're old.

Its not just old boxers or football guys who have life long injuries from playing.I've seen many basketball players (Bill Walton especially)who walked like old men not long after their playing days ended.

Life-threatening vitamin D deficiency. Seriously.

Yeah, dyspeptic. Lots of that goes around in the northern hemispheres, especially tough for African-Americans. A significant problem in the PNW.

A big factor in the cancer pandemic, heart & circulatory diseases, widespread undiagnosed hypothyroidism and its associated pathologies (see http://www.brodabarnes.org/ & "Hypothyroidism: The Unsuspected Illness" by Broda Barnes, M.D. http://www.powells.com/biblio/7-9780690010299-9 ), and lots of immunodeficiency-caused illness (arthritis, lupus -- http://lupus.webmd.com/news/20111107/vitamin-d-shows-early-promise-against-lupus -- and many others), as well as mental health.

The Pearl's greatest days were with the old Baltimore Bullets. Astounding!

Ultimate Earl "The Pearl" Monroe highlight reel

Thanks for posting, Jack!

That's sad, he used to have that spin move. I saw Walt Frazxier on TV and he looked in pretty good shape.

Earl and Clyde were the best backcourt. West and Goodrich were fine but nothing like the flash and dash of those two. Get well soon.

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