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Sunday, January 8, 2012

Gangsta gunmen go wild on Portland Sunday

There were four shootings on the streets of Portland this afternoon. Three incidents were in southeast, and the fourth was at Williams and Fremont. Apparently, no one was hit, but there has been property damage.

Do you think any of the candidates running for mayor or city council are going to do anything about this? Neither do we. It appears this is going to be the reality for our city for the indefinite future. Go by streetcar!

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The promised change is here. Now to cash in on the opportunity by producing and selling hand painted sand-bags with twist-ties made from hemp.

I'm sure they all read Sam's new rules passed by Council last year, about using and possessing guns before they went out to visit with friends.

Now the question is what to do about it?

In a run of empty political gestures this one was the most futile and ridiculous.

Will he ever get a clue?

Cutting interactive efforts like those who endeavored to intervene and educate, to build shining capital projects, shows his contempt for our community.

Maybe the city could provide rainbow bird stickers to cover up the bullet holes on people's homes?

I hope the gang bangers got the memo they have to use "green" ammunition...

What else can we expect from the gang bangers at city hall who are taking bribes for parking meter meter machines, raping the water rate payers, and refusing to fund basic services like street repair?

Adams was just on the news saying it happened because we need better gun laws.

What a moron.

we need better gun laws.
JK: WOW, what a great idea - disarm the victims. (Criminals tend to ignore laws - that's why they are criminals.)


Here's the rub with this issue: the politicians aren't going to do anything about this until a body is dropped in a zip code that actually matters to them.

Until then, we're all just spitting in the wind.

Safer in Mexico!

And the cops only go after helpless mentally ill homeless folks.

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