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Thursday, January 5, 2012

Free floor show at Lloyd Safeway

We've written before, not so lovingly, about the Safeway on Broadway in Portland's Lloyd District. The place has got a fairly unfriendly vibe, and it attracts more than its share of the down-and-out of Portlandia. Yesterday, one of them really went off.

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Another reason to shop in Vancouver.

They even have plastic bags at Winco & Walmart!

PS: IF you buy gas over there, you deny a percentage to Sam the tram.


I think the unfriendly vibe probably comes from constantly keeping an eye out for what some misfit might do next. I'm told that shop lifting is a very frequent occurrence at that location.
Needing a security guard at a grocery store is a story in it self.

I generally shop at Gateway Freddy's and the 102nd Winco, and occasionally 122/Glisan Safeway. Freddy's and Winco have guards; if Winco does, I haven't seen them. I've talked with 2 different Freddy's employees who say they get a lot of trouble from people getting off Gateway MAX (shoplifting, purse snatching, they've even found a couple of dead bodies). The complex there is in the process of opening a little police station in the building.

At least the dirt bag has a dignified Mayor to look up to.

Ah! So that’s where the (former) “customers” of Psycho Safeway have relocated!

PS: IF you buy gas over there, you deny a percentage to Sam the tram.

And you get to pump it yourself (which you may or may not prefer), and pay less for it.

PS: IF you buy gas over there, you deny a percentage to Sam the tram.

Yep, and while the gas tends to be cheaper, because of the extra miles I have to drive it might cost slightly more, but I still prefer it.

1) There isn't some spaced-out kid that is going to scrape the paint with the gas nozzle.
2) I'm not support the CoP waste of money projects.
3) I'm supporting a city/community that is actually investing in infrastructure. You can make a quick pass through and hit lots of good stores: Trader Joe's, Fred Meyer, Chuck's Produce, New Seasons, Whole Foods, WalMart, Home Depot, Lowes, JC Penny's, Pet Smart, Kohls, etc. And that is just the large stores, there is so much close together, and the streets are large enough to support the traffic, it's like being in a different state. :-)

That Safeway's usually not that bad... If you want really bad try the one downtown near PSU.

That downtown Safeway is the "UnSafeway"

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