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Monday, January 2, 2012

Countdown is on

Thank goodness it's our last year of this:

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shouldn't it be "quack" attack?

you'd think someone who got paid six figures to tweet all day would also know how to proofread.

We need a countdown clock for Adams and Leonard till they leave office.....

Did they reopen Earthquake Ethyl's?

Yikes, Ron, that woke a few neurons I thought had died (drowned?) long ago.

Right up there with "Police Sargent" and "yard debry." This guy supposedly has a college diploma.

Was it Ethyl or Ethel?

He's hoping the "big one" hits before he's out of office and we all follow his action plan of going to Lents and digging into the compost pit.

It was Ethel's, but I can't spell worth spit. Maybe I should run for mayor.

The last year? I thought De'Anthony Thomas had to play at least 2 years in college.

I'm with Anthony...it might seem somewhat genuine if he knew the jargon when he trys to use it. It's Quack Attack...the noise that ducks make when they attack...if the actually ever do attack. He's been in Asia so much he has Quakes on the brain.

Has he been drinking and tweeting again?

I quack (quake, quake!!) at the thought of him ever running again...

When Adams leaves office, we should present him with a going away gift:

A box of Animal Quackers!!
He can dip them in a "bowl" of Duck Soup!

I resolve to begin each day with yummy Quacker serial!


We can pickle that!

Laurelhurst Pond ducks, I presume?

I think there's a bit of a difference between Quakers and Quackers.

What he meant to say was "Unleash the quake attack! Go dicks!!!"

Release the Quackin!!!

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