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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Chip Kelly's secret defense

Here's a funny one: The faculty troublemakers down at U.C. Nike -- in addition to talking about unionizing -- have been keeping tabs on how much the school is paying outside lawyers to fight the pending investigation into apparent violations of athletic rules by the football team. When the profs asked to see the most recent bill from the Kansas law firm, they got a copy -- sort of. Here it is. Ha! Ha! One of the chief rabble-rousers reports further about it on his always enlightening blog.

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Thanks for the shout-out Jack. So you're a lawyer - does attorney-client privilege extend to redacting where Mike Glazier ate lunch? Should I petition this to the DA to find out?

Wow, must have been a lot of people buzzing off all the black markers in that room. Is this what Phil means when he talks about bringing corporate-style accountability to Oregon higher education?

I'm not sure who they're more interested in hiding this from -- the NCAA, the faculty, the taxpayers, or all of the above.

Has Phil Knight donated any dough for an ethics program? Maybe he could endow a chair in memory of his hero.

Transparency is good, but black is hard to see through.

I like the union idea. Can't get much better than a union workforce. And we all know that tenured faculty need to be protected from their long hours that they are forced to work, in sweatshop-like conditions, for slave-wages, with no benefits... Hard to believe that haven't gone union already.

It's easy to pick on academics. Their lives look so easy. But with some exceptions, professors' pay is generally in accordance with the difficulty of their jobs and the relevance of their knowledge to the real world.

The truly big money is in administration, and in most cases, it's not all that well spent.

I've tried to feel the moral outrage about Chip Kelly mainly as a sign of respect for you, Jack, but I just can't get too worked up about it. I think the old guard at the NCAA is far worse, so I don't feel like the Ducks are trampling on anything sacred. The NCAA is the Olympic Committee without the theme song.

I do realize you hate the Ducks on a fan level, and that's fair, but I can separate the school administration stuff from the team. I mean I still love Stanford's football team even though the administration down there hired...Condi Rice.

At least Chip Kelly didn't send any of his recruits to Iraq.

Boy, Oregon could use a right-to-work law. The public employee unions have this state's economy and government pretty much constipated. The economy continually struggles as nothing can be done much below highest experienced cost. Efficiency is a four letter word.

Jack- How's this agreement structured? It seems that if faculty is asked to pay half the athletic dept. attorney fees, it would make sense that they're entitled to half the revenues? Maybe the faculty and student families are given "free" comp tickets for the football games. The whole thing seems weird in principal? If we're supposed to have transparency, why the redactions?

Bill, as long as the public is regularly reminded that the U of O is now being run like the U of Alabama, those of us who don't like it will have to be satisfied. It's interesting that the a lot of faculty down there are in the fed up group.

As for the politics of Stanford, it has, and has always had, a lot of right wing malarkey floating around. I don't recall crooked goings-on in athletics, though, and the jocks don't run the school. Nor have they ever had a head football coach utterly devoid of skills with the media.

"The truly big money is in administration, and in most cases, it's not all that well spent."
Same goes for Portland Public Schools.

"As for the politics of Stanford, it has, and has always had, a lot of right wing malarkey floating around."
True. But, one needs to wade through a lot of left wing stuff to find it.

If the academic side must pay 50% of the legal bill, should they not be able to see the "whole" bill?

Mr. B, I don't know what your buddy knows about Stanford; but, I do know that Ms. Rice is an ardent supporter of all Stanford athletics. And I agree with your comments about the school's athletics. I spent nearly seven years there working with the likes of John Ralston and Jack Christiansen. But I was not aware of your "right wing malarkey." Certainly it was not responsible for pass-fail, for example, or dumping Chappie for a tree.

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