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Monday, January 2, 2012

Bad news in Beaumont

There was an electrical fire overnight in the little old complex of stores on the southeast corner of Fremont and 41st, kitty-corner from Beaumont Middle School. It appears that several businesses took hits, some of them major. That stretch of Fremont is a sweet place, and we hope that corner can bounce back quickly.

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When I was growing up my Grandmother lived in that neighborhood. I remember the corner was a drug store with a soda fountain. Where the bagel shop is was the dime store. Good memories. I share your sentiment Jack and also hope they bounce back from this hit.

I hope it doesn't get replaced with another condo blockhouse.

I seem to remember this block, too. I think it was called the Dutch Village.

As long as the Beaumont Market is alright. That is my go-to grocery store, and is a real treasure to the neighborhood.

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