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Friday, January 20, 2012

Another word falls victim to PC

Now your football team can't be called "the Cougars."

All we can say is, look out, Oregon State.

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You, too, South Carolina.

Maybe "Corner Canyon H.S." nominators should just call themselves the "Painters" -- it covers both what they've done to themselves in that corner of their small world, and it's another nickname for mountain lions:


Looks like we have to rename grand teton.


Wilson High School and University of Spoiled Children, time for the Trojans to go. Mighty offensive to those trying to promote the practice safe sex.

Those folks in Utah do know the nickname for BYU sports teams, don't they?

So Cougar should now be referred to as a C word?

Stunningly stupid.

And the name was a great choice by the students.
Corner Canyon Cougars is just too good for some of the jackass adults?


Couldn't they remedy this by calling the team the

Gay Cougars

meaning happy animal cougars? That should eliminate any confusion.

Don't you think some females might find the title "chargers" even more offensive?

I recently was sentenced to sleeping on the couch for 2 nights after having a discussion with my wife over our recent credit card bill. I mentioned that she was a prolific "charger" which instantaneously raised our household alert level to DEFCOM 3 within approximately 3 seconds. I was instead told she was merely a liberal shopper that may have become a bit "overzealous" in pursuit of post Christmas bargains.

Trust me, the school administration might rethink this one as well.

"All we can say is, look out, Oregon State."

Haha, I thought the same thing. And Wichita State -- you're also on the clock.

And whatever will the Lake Oswego School District do as the students of their largest Elementary School are the Lake Grove Cougars...

Call me old but I can never remember what MILF stands for, let alone figure out what constitutes a "Cougar."

What are they going to do, rename the animal now, too?

"What are they going to do, rename the animal now, too?"

Ha! Yes, to:


Yes, Cougar is offensive so the animal will be renamed "big pussy". That should solve the whole issue.

This has nothing to do with anyone actually being worried about "cougar" being demeaning to anyone in the same way that a racial slur would be. No actual woman's going to be upset because a team in the town is named after an animal that happens to in recent years have been chosen to represent women going out with younger guys.

This is about sex, titillation, and embarrassment. My guess is that the guys on the team have been taking a ribbing from their rivals that they're "women" because of the mascot. The claim that they're trying to protect the delicate sensibilities of women is just an attempt to keep them from looking silly because they want to change the name.

Although they still look pretty silly.

Well let's not forget The University of Hawaii football team who were once the Rainbow Warriors but wimped out to become the Warriors some years back.

Reminds me of when students in Missoula voted to name a new School Rocky Mountain High. Administrators balked and named it Big Sky High.

Maybe Corner Canyon H.S., and others with administrators as goofy as theirs, should just pick mascots from among the invertebrates. "The Annelids" has a nice ring to it.


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