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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

"Your papers! Now!!"

Maybe the terrorists haven't won, but we're sure losing.

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And remember there is a new law approved by the senate, saying that American citizens can be held without charges indefinitely for suspected "terrorism"....what ever that could mean?

It means asking impertinent questions, for starters....

Culture of Fear ~ Thievery Corporation

Me, I was never all that bothered by the Patriot Act. It was with the evolution of TSA at the airports (and in its present formulation) that I saw that maybe the terrorists won and that we definitely lost.

The "Patriot Act" was & is un-American. Seize that.

Good thing no one picked up any IRA patriots in the Boston area. Lucky huh?

If you were or are not bothered by the Patriot Act, you are not paying attention.

But I feel so much safer!


One, two, three what are we fightin' for, who knows I don't give a damn, next stop Afghanistan...yeehaw!

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