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Friday, December 9, 2011

You can stop all that Christmas shopping right now

Here's the perfect gift for everyone on your list: the City of Portland 2012 Sustainable Stormwater Management Calendar.

When it rains, stormwater that isn’t properly managed can wash over streets, roofs, parking lots and other hard surfaces, carrying dirt, oil, metals and chemicals into our rivers and streams.

And that ain't all. Can you say "Mr. Hanky goes swimming"?

Anyway, just hit "Print" and give this to your loved one. Voilá! A painful trip to the mall is averted.

Comments (6)

I would not want this calendar, as it is a painful reminder
to me of the hypocrisy that we have in our community.
I could not in all consciousness give propaganda as a gift.

Hi Jack: Go to the last page for the phone number, call and they will send you a free calendar, plus you save all that printer ink.

Called that number and according to Emily, only limited quantity available.

I found some even better images that they can use on these calendar pages.

Sorry - here (scroll down, click on slideshow).

"who will stop the rain..."

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