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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Wobble time

At this moment, we're tilted as far from the sun as we get all year. And so begins winter. But although it's about to get colder and wetter, at least the days will get a little longer. Come on back here, old buddy.

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I take notice of this day every year. I have the local daylight clock on my Google home page and love to see the minutes increase in our favor for the next 6 months.

its not going to get wetter. january has less precipitation than december. the wettest period is late november early december.

as for getting colder- late december is the coldest period in the winter. it gets warmer on average in just a few days.

As someone pale enough that Edgar Winter exclaims "Dude, get some sun!", I have to admit that this is one of my favorite times of the year. I can go to work and come home without seeing the big yellow hurty thing in the sky at all. (I regularly joke that if I'm not back in my coffin by sunrise, I turn back into a pumpkin. So why am I in Texas? Bloody-mindedness, I guess.)

its not going to get wetter.

This year it is.

it gets warmer on average in just a few days.

Yes, as I say, it's about to get colder before it gets warmer.

El Socko!

I love winter solstice. As a tip of the hat to the old pagans, I pour some whiskey into my quaich and pour it in the four directions outside.

Then I drink what's left, naturally.

Don't forget that the Fukushima earthquake actually sped up the earth's rotation by a few milliseconds, so spring will come earlier.

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