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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Reader poll: Who left the best comment?

It's time to pick the winner of the comment contest from Buck-a-Hit Day yesterday. The winner gets to steer $250 of our charity donations to the nonprofit (501(c)(3)) organization of his or her choice.

Here are our contestants, in chronological order:

Kathe W.:

Comment for the day from my all time favorite movie Auntie Mame (Rosalind Russell played the famed Mame):

"Life is a banquet and most poor suckers are starving to death."

I am donating to the Oregon Food Bank and Sisters of the Road. No one should go hungry in this country.


Dear Jack,
Came here at the suggestion of Bob Miller, I will be returning. I wanted to tell you that the spirit of giving you encourage can be seen in many places, our local High School choir adopted a family this year for the first time, not only did the experience change Christmas for one family, it changed it for about ten kids who wholeheartedly embraced the true meaning of giving. May the spirit of giving continue to spread one person at a time.


As one who says both nice and not so nice things about Jack over the years, I'll repeat: Jack should run for local office. Now, was that a nice or naughty thing to say?



Portland Mayor Jack Bogdanski Infuriates Portland Business Alliance, Shuts Down PDC

Published: Monday, January 14, 2013, 7:53 PM
By Roseph Jose, The Oregonian

Portland Mayor Jack Bogdanski has outraged the ruling hierarchy at the Portland Business Alliance. Following through on his campaign promise to reverse the soaring city debt problem Mayor Bogdanski announced today his plans to outright abolish the Portland Development Commission. The announcement was met with harsh criticism from many of Portland's powerful stakeholders who supported several of candidate Bogdanski's opponents.

The unwavering Mayor Bogdanski appeared gleeful about the criticism saying, "It's reassuring to get such immediate confirmation that I am doing the right thing."

The Mayor's spokesman and former funny man Bill McDonald said, "We are deeply concerned about the welfare of the PBA."

-– Roseph Jose
© 2013 Oregonlive.com. All rights reserved.


Top 10 Reasons Santa is considering moving from the North Pole to NoPo:

10 - Santa is concerned with equity. And a member of the creative class, he would like to take advantage of moving his workshop into a condo bunker with elevators - an opportunity that only equity provides!

9 - Santa first bought a home in Vancouver to save on taxes. But as an active political figure considering running for mayor, he is realizing that he needs to reside n the City.

8 - Santa has recently built some political connections, and is interested in leveraging public-private investment from a PDC innovation district to expand his workshop, and jobs(!), in the south waterfront.

7 - Homer Williams suggested it, and arranged public financing, by pointing out the monumental benefits to future generations. It's for the kids!

6 - While picking up books at a book store in Manhattan, Santa ran into Republican Senator Wyden from New York, who told him what a progressive city Portland is.

5 - Santa lent $20 to David, a nice young man from Welches Oregon, and would like to reconnect so that he can be repaid.

4 - Santa heard that the City of Portland has such a strong credit rating, and a perusing of the Oregonian demonstrated that it is because the City is so careful in issuing debt for only necessary projects.

3 - Santa received so many press releases from politicians in the state demonstrating progress, that he realized the only sensible thing to do would be to move there.

2 - Santa is nearing retirement, and would like to put in a few years as a UO football coach to ensure he will be taken care of into his golden years.

1 - Santa heard that a local tax law professor with too much time on his hands had a great blog, and was donating to good causes. He wanted to come check it out and spread the holiday cheer!

Happy Holidays!


I have always wished for a computer that would be as easy to use as my telephone.

My wish came true. I no longer know how to use my telephone.


With extreme and sincere apologies to Julie Andrews:

Raindrops on Roseway, can Randy assess that
Bury the water, don’t ask for a variance
Rose Fest, bike lanes, the Water House, ca-ching
These are bully Randy’s illegal things

Odd in-fill houses, train transit and density
Millions to developers, oh, the insanity
Meanwhile Portland school classroom sizes zoom,
Compression leaves us no budgetary room

An over budget Tram, the Office of Equity
Police Shootings, Centers for Sustainability
Baby Deer statue, artwork for Light Rail
Stenchy brings love to the composting pail

When the Cash ends
Pension costs soar
Where do we begin?
The council just borrows for favorite Dons
And then we feel screwed again

Those for mayor, no common sense among them
Smith, Hales and Brady, an idiots’ quorum
Progressive, liberal, let’s spend it, ca-ching
These are the developers’ favorite things

Kitz and Cylvia, State government is broke
Energy credits, but solar power’s a joke
Build a new bridge, though we don’t know which one
Federal subsidies soon might be done

Urban renewal, condo bunkers and Parkways
Food composting, Water Bureau history
Don’t ever expect basic services to bring
Cash, sex and favors to the Goldschmidt ring

Opt-out of leaf tax, but don’t expect paving
No money to keep parks and pools functioning
If you want sidewalks, your neighborhood must pay
Because millions will arrive now any day

When Sellwood Bridge falls
More gang shootings
No jobs to be had
I simply pack up and move to Vancouver
And then I don’t feel so bad

Jack (no relation)

Christmas Haiku:

One day way back when
Came to Earth a Holy Babe
Can I get some Uggs?


Happy to send some extra dollars toward the effort today Jack. Thanks for allowing your readers such easy access to help these great non profits.

I think Ben is really on to something, but not sure you have committed yourself to the next mayor’s race. So I guess my Christmas wish for the next election cycle would be for whichever Mayor we pick to consider some of the frequently posted concerns on your blog……

To remember the little guy; the developers will do just fine on their own

Spend less for self promotion and more for city improvements

The City’s success is not judged by those on the outside looking in, but rather by those living here

The livability of a neighborhood is more important than designing a way to get there

Support the lawful right to protest, but be tough with lawbreakers

There is a limit to the extra fees that can be expected for city services we already pay taxes for

Public input is important. Do more to encourage it, less to limit it

The path to equity is a dead end road

Have a great Christmas

* * * * * * * * *

And the winner is:

Who left the best comment?
Kathe W.
Jack (no relation)
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We'll leave the balloting open until noon tomorrow, and formally announce the winner tomorrow afternoon.

Thanks to everyone who visited here yesterday, left a comment, or made a donation. You are greatly appreciated.

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