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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Putting faces on problems

Street Roots is one of our favorite Portland institutions. Their website usually has food for thought. Right now there are a couple of interesting stories up: Leo got an apartment, and Thomas is getting by with a little help from his family.

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We both are happy to hear the Leo has finally got some housing. Every time we went over to Trader Joes in Hollywood I would make a point to purchase Street Roots from Leo. Always enjoyed seeing him there and we wish him the best!

Getting homeless people into housing and then dealing with their other problems has proven and is proving to be the best way to get folks off the streets permanently. It is also more economical to the taxpayers who pay the bills.
Good wishes to all.

The message for all of us is to put people ahead of their problems. God bless us, we are all in this together.

And buy Street Roots - it's a great organization with a wonderful business model that does not patronize it's vendors and gives a different voice to Portland politics and social life.

I seldom shop or visit downtown any more, but in years past I would see the vendors in front of Powell's. I was intrigued by your post, so I read both articles and visited the website.

Then, instead of buying myself something for Christmas, which I really don't need anyway, I made a contribution to Street Roots.

Thanks for the post Jack. It made my day!

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