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Thursday, December 1, 2011

Our beloved maintream media

If you're going to use a metaphor, it helps to understand its derivation.

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Well, once he takes the reins he will be able to reign, I supose.

Yes, win or loose.

If we get move from chomping at the bit to champing and bypass the chumps....

(Are pun wars before sunrise a violation of one of the Geneva Protocols?)

Well, if he happens to be stealing everyone else's power at City Hall,I suppose he could be said to "taking the reigns." And, did he take over during our recent rainy stretch? "Tigard city manager takes reigns and reins during rains..."

I think that's "SHE" unless they got an extra "S" in there by accident too.

I just read recently that only one in four Americans has read a book in the last year.
Could this explain that?

My personal favorite: "If elected, I will reign in wasteful spending."

Yeah your loosing me, I don't see what's wrong with there grammar. In any case hopefully Marty will rein over the city's finances and but the breaks on any runaway spending.

I'll have to reign on Tigard's parade by saying anyone they hired had to be a EcoStreet, RailVolution loon.

Reporter Caught in Car with Horse.

Did she get a tiara, two?

Derp. Groan.

Edumacation system fail.
Students will now be taut only how 2 text on smart fones

SeattlePi had an online story yesterday about a man who was beaten to death being involved in a fight prior to his beating (ya think?). You have to read the whole article to realize the prior fight may have had nothing to do with his beating.

here's the link

Im depressed that it took me a minute to get the joke/problem with the grammar/spelling.

The rein in Spaign stays mainly on the planes?

My Grammar would be disappointed. So would my Grampar.

Maybe it's just related to too much "Tweeting".

Speaking of which: hizzonner mayor Sammo sent this out earlier today via (appropriately) Twitbird:

What neighborhoods? RT @RenovatioLucis @VirtualMom4 Some hoods STILL get weekly trash, Y? portlandcomposts.com @portlandbps

I assume this means that some 'hoods still get weekly trash removal. Maybe if you live near Randy....

Does this mean that there is a job waiting for me at The Trib?


That's really tack-y.

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