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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Is Fukushima radiation killing Alaskan seals?

So far, it's just a theory, but it's as good an explanation as any other so far for a sad situation.

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I wonder how long it will be before it shows in the salmon population. The authorites on the coast are recommending they be called to screen for radiation before anyone handles Japanese debris washing ashore. Never thought I would see the day you need a Geiger counter to go beachcombing on the Oregon coast.

This is an advanced graduate course in how corporate media works. Contrast the coverage of Fukushima with the growing marketing of war with Iran.
Oh, you see an article here or there like the one that says these reactors have killed 14,000 Americans so far - mostly young.
This should get the highest level priority because there's nothing that's more in our interest than keeping the planet inhabitable, but not only is Fukushima in the witness protection program - we don't even get the testimony.
I was watching one of those brilliant documentaries about life deep in the oceans, life that exists on an organic snow that slowly sinks down from above taking 2 or 3 months sometimes to reach the bottom. Such an incredible planet. These crazy looking creatures way down there carving out a life - even living in volcanic vents.
The idea that we would trash such a magnificent planet is beyond any scale of justice or right and wrong. Take your pick about what to feel bad about: Maybe these seals. But the idea that we're also sending down radioactive snow to these weird creatures at the bottom of the ocean seems like the ultimate example of the cruel absurdity of our ways. I hope the little buggers have the good sense not to eat it.

And we are cooking the oceans from the top too. No ice in the Arctic any more, and the Icy Straight next to Glacier Bay no longer has ice, and most of the tide water glaciers are gone. Doubt me?...ask to see my electronic boating logs and charts from 1999 and 2007! We were off the charts the glaciers had receded so much.

Saw this today and was going to email you the link.

Ditto Bill McDonald.

Notice how many of the spectacular Lists of the Top Ten _____insert__TV-demographic__group__issue_____ in 2011 have listed Disaster Fukashima.
Zilch, zero, nada, it didn't happen.

The biggest news story of the year, the most vile 'anthropogenic' ruin of Earth and Homeplanet Security where the Pacific Ocean is toxic contaminated and occasional radioactive dust particles are inhaled or absorbed falling from the sky in the air worldwide, and no media body mentions it. Dear Mother Earth please let some plutonium confetti land lethal on the talking heads.
It's the pre-apocalypse, stupid!

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