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Friday, December 2, 2011

After the dead Duck, who will be the head Duck?

Down in Bluegene, it's a wild scene these days. The latest battle in the war between the U of O faculty and the state chancellor bureaucracy is over who will be the acting president of the university in the wake of the unceremonious canning of Richard Lariviere. Apparently many of the ticked-off professors are worried that the bureaucrats will choose the provost, Jim Bean, to take over. Some of the profs point out that Bean is currently on a sabbatical from his $320,000-plus gig, reportedly on some sort of medical grounds. But all of a sudden, he can be president? Hmmmmm.

The digging for dirt also reveals that the U of O pays Bean $775 a month as a car allowance. No wonder he fits right in with the chancellor, who gets two free houses and just about every weekday meal covered by the poor students and taxpayers. Real team players, those guys -- on Team Schmendrick.

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I'm available, and I'm good at following instructions. I also have my own car.

So #1 choice is Robert Berdahl, who was given a $96,000/year two day a week consultant gig by Lariviere? Just more cronyism of a different stripe. Lariviere worked for Berdahl at Texas.

Thanks to the PERS dump, we can see that Berdahl is pulling down another $115,000 yearly from the state. That doesn't include his retirement from Berkely or AAU. Is he going to forgo any of that if he should be hired or will it all be gravy on top?

Team Schmendrick? I don't get it. And google didn't help.

It's a yiddish expression, Benjamin. Google again, and enjoy.

Which Goldy alum needs a high paying job?

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