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Thursday, December 1, 2011

Elephant in room successfully ignored

The folks at Neighborhood Notes wowed us a while back when they sent our friend Bill McDonald out to interview Portland mayoral candidates Max Brumm and Charlie Hales. Those were two of the best local interviews we've read in a long time.

But they took a major step backward with their session with candidate Jefferson Smith. They benched McDonald in favor of a less formidable interviewer, and the result isn't too interesting at all. It does show Smith to be an enormous bloviator, out of whose mouth flows an endless stream of half-truths, buzzwords, and nonsense. But we knew that already.

The reporter never asked him a thing about his history of personal problems, which in our view makes him woefully unfit for the mayor's office. In that regard, Neighborhood Notes clearly missed the boat. If we wanted to read a publication playing footsie with politicians, we could just click over on the O.

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And why I read Bojack first.

Makes me think of when people are put in the "watches Fox News" box. So when I find out that Fox News is the highest watched by far, and most Liberal anti Fox commentators are in fact the one that watch (I don't)and drive up the ratings. That aside, makes me wonder how many hacks, wonks, and politico's tune into The Bojack report each day!

"Half-truths, buzzwords, and nonsense". Sounds like politics-as-usual in Oregon, or everywhere for that matter. No wonder people don't vote, that is except for the agendists.

Smith reminds me of Joe Biden.

Much of the info on NN's is sponsored by the CoP.
For many months a PWB PR person was listed as a regular contributor on that site. Though NN has removed the listing of the name of the PWB PR contributor, the Portland Water Bureau continues use the site to spew their propaganda.

Bill McDonald's work is the only reason to occasionally check out NN.

To be fair to the good folks at Neighborhood Notes, I went over the line with my interview and it turned quite ugly. Frankly, I was trying to be funny, but the questions were not well-received by the candidate. Here are 2 of my questions:

1. When the Oregonian asked you about the holes in your voting record you said that in 2000 you were in Ohio and might have Fed-Ex’ed your ballot to Oregon adding, “If it didn’t count, that makes me angry at the elections department.” I’m not going to characterize your story, but don’t you worry that the voters are thinking, “How does he expect to replace Sam Adams if he can’t lie any better than that?”

2. You’ve also shown a propensity for traffic violations. Is being reckless behind the wheel, an attempt to win these Sam Adams supporters back?

As you can see, Neighborhood Notes did not act any differently than good editors would anywhere. I blew this - not them.

I recently responded to a comment about Josef Stalin that somehow wound up on your post about Randy Newman, with a song parody based on his work, "I Love L.A." Stalin's version was called, "I Love May Day" and it crossed what Spinal Tap called "the fine line between clever and stupid."

Frankly, I wish there had been some editors around to kill that, too.

Dear Bill,
Your honesty and sense of humor, is not only appreciated, but refreshing. Please, don't stop.

What "Portland Native" said!

"...playing footsie with politicians..." When talking about the Oregonian, you meant "goatse," not "footsie," right?

There is no question that Smith must be stopped and certainly Bojack is putting his best foot forward in that regard. However, I wish he would take a closer look at both Brady and Hales and wield his influence, however tepidly, by endorsing one or the other. Constantly burnishing the credentials of Max Brumm will get none of us anywhere. I'm holding my breath and going with Hales, and urging others to do the same, in no small part because I am s**t scared that the "Kremlin" bloc(as identified by WW) will, in a dangerous spasm of home team narcissism, vote for Smith because he is a liberal who went to Harvard. Seriously Bojack, I think you need to do more than cut Smith down to size, however important that objective is. Lead a way forward. Smith could win it and if that happens this city will be mortally f***ed.

If I had to vote for one of the Big Three right now, it would be Brady. Streetcar Hales is another giant step on Portland's path to ruin. He's a quitter. And he cheated either on his voter registration or on his taxes when he lived in Clark County. Absolutely unacceptable.

That said, although seeming to have greater personal integrity, Brady isn't going to be much different from what we already have in City Hall. And so I'm still currently planning to vote for Max Brumm.

I call on one and all to demand the Bojack/Macdonald Ticket !

you know they could job-share

As usual, good answer, Bojack. So for the moment, just keep giving Smith hell.

He does flash the buzzwords a bit excessively, but at least he seems to be able to string them together into coherent discourse, to the degree that is possible.

I certainly would not vote for him, but at least he doesn't sound as stupid as Sam "Mayor Creepy" Adams.

I meant, "seems to be able to string them together into SOMETHING RESEMBLING coherent discourse."

I read Smith's interview; "Business clusters", "Centers of excellence" - what tripe. It reminds me of the line from the movie "Platoon": "Man, the bulls*** piles up so fast here you need wings to stay above it."

Jack- In the name of accuracy- Hales (or at least his wife) lived in the more colorful Skamania County, not Clark. People often confuse Vancouver as part of Portland, but that does not really happen with Stevenson. Sorry Charlie.

HMLA-267, my alter ego Captain Pedantic wanted to point out that your quote was really from "Apocalypse Now," not "Platoon". I only say that because Sam Adams seems to be channeling Robert Duvall: "If I say it's safe to develop this bioswale, Captain, it's safe to develop this bioswale!"

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