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Saturday, December 24, 2011

'Dogs in excelsis, day-o

Yes, the pro's are playing football today, and here are our players' picks in the charity underdog game:

16 ST. LOUIS at Pittsburgh- NoPoGuy
14 CHICAGO at Green Bay - mna, John Cr., jmh, genop, Drewbob
13 CLEVELAND at Baltimore - Gary, john dull, Bad Brad
9.5 MIAMI at New England - Gordon, genop's gal, umpire
7.5 TAMPA BAY at Carolina - Biggest Cubs Loser, Michael K.
7 JACKSONVILLE at Tennessee - Paul, Grizfan
6.5 MINNESOTA at Washington - Weavmo, Ricardo, Broadway Joe, Usual Kevin
6.5 ATLANTA at New Orleans - Rudie, AKevin, Tommy W.
5.5 INDIANAPOLIS vs. Houston (Thursday, winner) - John Ch., Pete Rozelle
4 ARIZONA at Cincinnati - PDXileinOmaha
3 BUFFALO vs. Denver - Larry Legend, Bayou Baby
3 NEW YORK GIANTS at New York Jets - Carol

There may be stragglers. This post was composed earlier this morning and is being posted by robot. We'll verify the complete list when we can attend to it this morning.

Merry Christmas, and enjoy some football if you like, everybody.

UPDATE, 11:18 a.m.: All of this morning's picks now included. Good luck to all!

Comments (4)

17-0, Miami so far -- WOWIE!!

Alas, now 17-17, 4 mins. into the 4th Q, with NE marching -- http://www.cbssports.com/nfl/gametracker/live/NFL_20111224_MIA@NE

Whew!!! Gordan had me seriously worried that he was going to pull off the 2 week in a row miracle. Vikes I Love You!!!

Pete Carroll better have QB Tavaris Jackson carry the football 24/7 in training camp next year -- that fumble cost Seattle the game & any chance they had for a playoff spot. Carumba!

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