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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Big time

The folks running the Lake Oswego Review -- who seem to be puppets of the developers and planners who have wrecked Portland and see L.O. as their next gravy train -- are calling us out, apparently.

And when they learn the rules of spelling and capitalization, we'll stop laughing at them.

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This was in the current Portland Tribune editorial as well.

When did you become Conservative?

This was in the current Portland Tribune editorial as well.

So it is, with the addition of "(Bojack)." Hmmmm, this swipe may not have originated in Lake O. after all.

Thanks, reader.

You can't be a Conservative as long as you call us "tighty righties."

Be careful of what you wish for, it may become true.

- Anonymous

They must have missed the comment in which you stated, "I'm a liberal (but I'm not stupid)". Unfortunately, they don't teach journalism in institutions of higher vegetation these days.

They're talking about this guy, I think: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Yossef_Bodansky

I don't think Bogdanski needs any advice on courage from a bunch of editors who wet themselves when anyone says "Bob's here."

This was in the current Portland Tribune editorial as well.

All of the Pamplin papers have a tendency to re-run articles between one another to an extremely large extent, such that most of them are essentially the same articles/editorials with a different masthead. Oddly enough, the Lake O Review is one of the few that hasn't been swallowed by the "mothership" office on Lake Road and actually has an editorial staff, so it's mildly surprising they're reprinting poorly-written Trib scraps.

As far as the whole "Conservative" [sic] label, I think that's basically become a lazy and grossly misleading epithet in Planspeak meaning "anyone who dares question the planning-industrial complex". They don't dare actually look into a given individual's stances across a variety of issues, and instead, they try to reduce the political vocabulary.

If being against taxpayer subsidized developer pork "linch-pin" projects such as the tram, streetcar, and Milwaukie Max, (when we haven't gotten around to paving all our streets yet) makes you conservative, then I suppose Jack fits the bill.

Conservative = Anti-waste

Because your points are irrefutable they must, in the tradition of Von Clausewitz, go after you "by other means".

What Bill said!

So they call Jack conservative now?

Imagine what they would call him if he did run.

May primary needs our help in Portland
The Portland Tribune March 29, 2012

Because so much of what happens in Portland politics controls Oregon – it’s worth shifting our focus to see what’s we can do to help Portland’s plate in the Mat Primary.

. Here are a few things we’d like to see happen in the coming primary.

* For the Occupy Portland movement: Portland works. Be sure and vote for all of the establishment candidates.

* For Multnomah County Chair Jeff Cogen: Be more like Diane Linn.

* For Mayor anyone but that BoJack Sizemore guy who would pull the plug on most of Portland's innovative projects during his first year in office.

* For Parks and Housing more donors to the campaign along with our drumbeat for passing is needed for the funding measures on the ballot.

* For Metro President Tom Hughes: Increase Metro's reporting on the benefits of the regional tax on the ballot. Early polling shows it failing by 87%. We can't print enough on our own.

* For the Portland Bureaus of TriMet and Metro: We hope you get that MAX and streetcar funding. Barring that, please work with regional partners to divert the needed resources.

* For TriMet: Push forward with PMLR hard enough to make sure yor new headquarters get's built with PMLR funds.

* For Clackamas County: Portland needs to work with regional partners to eradicate the insurgents.

Take it as a compliment.

If Jack is a Conservative then I'm an Anarchist. Ben is beyond.

Sounds like the beginning of defensive measures from the box of corkscrews. Shot across the bow?

Oh my gosh - now you're being called out because you actually have a pulse on what is going on in this town?

These guys are envious that you are the one getting real news and real public opinion.

Great job and get some rest- 2012 is going to be one of the craziest years in our lives.

"are calling us out, apparently."

I think you mis-interpret it. The Tribune is asking you to run since they see the need for someone like you. YOu might even be able to get an endorsement.

Greater glory beckons!


Isn't that slander?

Greater glory beckons!

There is no greater glory than the blogosphere.

Isn't that slander?

No. Since it is written, it would be libel.

So, Dr. Robert Pamplin Jr. is a liberal?

Whoever wrote that column is obviously an idiot. Or, at least too lazy to deserve a job writing columns.

Evidently they consider anyone who doesn't want to bankrupt the city a "conservative".

Has anyone figured out why our current leaders are insisting that we mortgage our future for worthless projects? These folks are very determined to bankrupt us. The politicians get very hostile if anyone questions their pet projects, and so do their lap dogs in the press.

To paraphrase Lee, if Jack is a conservative, then I'm Dan Handleman.

Happy New Year folks.

I'm reminded of a comment made by my own town's Jim Schultze about 25 years back: ever notice that the only time the terms "conservative" and "progressive" get reversed is when it involves developers? Myself, I found that observation entertaining back then, when the most rabid right-wingers suddenly became champions of change and progress when it meant tearing down anything more than ten years old and replacing it with McMansions and Whataburgers, and suddenly the term "conservative" became an insult verging on profanity.

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