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Thursday, November 10, 2011

What you can and can't do

[Y]ou can't live every day like it is your last -- you can't say goodbye to those you love like you'll never see them again after every cup of coffee, every dinner out, every phone conversation -- but you can be present with them each and every time you see or speak to them, and be sure you never miss an opportunity to listen to them, to love them, to be right there with them and not halfway on to the next thing.

The whole thing is here.

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I believe that sentiment is at the heart of Buddhist living - "be in the moment." How many times are we talking with someone, even face to face, and we're already thinking about the rest of the day, the weekend, dang, gotta get my dog pick in, what we're having for dinner. Nice to be reminded of this.

Touching. Thoughtful.

Touching and relevant---my father just died due to complications of meningitis caused by the Listeria bacteria. Flew back to Boston to see him earlier this week and came home to sort things out as it had appeared that he'd stabilized, and then he died suddenly today. Flying back with my family tomorrow, and now poking around the web to keep my mind off things.

Sure, cycle of life and all that, but when a death hits so suddenly, so close to home, it's a heartbreak, no matter the cause... Hug those close tight..

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