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Sunday, November 20, 2011

We stopped reading four words into this one

"Armed with snarky signs..." Click.

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Let's give them credit. They're not just standing by. They're standing by with snarky signs.

I'm actually more concerned with the reporting. "Snarky" belongs only on the opinion page.

"snarky'? Well that sure is some unbiased reporting. Never heard anything like that when reporting about the Occupiers.
That comment tells you all you need to know about Big O.


I like the "dog-occupy" better and the dogs seemed to be well behaved too.

What is their consistent message?

They are annoyed with the OWS...

Who do they speak for?

The masses of the annoyed...

Ah, yes.... But

How annoyed are they?

Ten people are evidently somewhat annoyed... (or bored?)

Wake me when a thousand people are annoyed.

I am considering formation of a Pre-Occupation group to protest the Un-occupy Portland group now protesting the Occupy Portland group.

We will follow the Un-occupy Portland group who are following the Occupy Portland group around Portland. It will be our mission to carry on the Portlandia tradition of not working, making downtown a complete mess, generally complaining, and doing nothing important with our time. In general, we will simply be too preoccupied to care.

Gibby the city planning department doesn't have any openings right now.

Mojo: Nice pun.

I'm so used to Oregonian reporters "shaping" a story for me that I didn't even realize Jack's point -- that the reporting on this article is pure sh*t.

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