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Sunday, November 27, 2011

University mansion egged in Eugene

The anger at the impending dismissal of the U of O president has now boiled over into vandalism.

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The head of OUS gets a mansion AND all the perks!
I smell a 1st class rip off!

You must be new here.

Organic eggs from free-range chickens, of course.

Should have Hard boiled over?

Pernsteiner is the vandal - read about all the loot he gets from student tuition:


Thank goodness they didn't use TP. Saving the trees, and Spotted owls.

Good link, UO - I was going to mention the Neil connection- got side-tracked by the ice-cream my daughter brought up.

I know it's been brought up here before, but I need a reminder - just what exactly is the job of a chancellor?

Jack explained this to us a few months back - he chancells.

Could a Federal Chancellor not renew a president?

Now is that a spotted chancellor or a striped one? Meanwhile, the Green & Yellow Knight is talking backwards. And remember what the doormouse said: Neil's your head....

Not new, but old.
As I recall from 45+ years ago the head of the OUS did not have an outhouse, let alone a mansion and assorted perks. In those days those folks all did those jobs voluntarily for the good of the community.
Too bad those days are over; we could use some "dollar a year" people again.

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