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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Uh oh, Duckies

Uncle Phil is not happy.

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Uh. Oh. Doesn't that Phil guy have most of the money or something? He must be right, then.

Nothing that an afternoon of shopping for new football uniforms won't cure.

If Unkie Phil wants to b***ch about mediocrity, maybe he should look at Chip Kelly's clock management in the 4th quarter of the USC game.

Amasa L. Stanford, aka Leland, should be Unkle Phils's guide.

Give the entire $ 4 Billion to a new, private university.

C'mon Phil, put your money where you mouth is.

Otherwise, shut up.

This was a cutesy little zinger: It’s yet another application of Oregon’s Assisted Suicide law. But, it's more like the old boys just drowning the ugly duckling. And say, doesn't this all reflect badly on UO's School of (Journalism and) Communications? Begs the question: What could those people possibly teach anyone? Oh, right: touchdown celebration dancing.

Is Phil blind?

Duck hunting in Eugene http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d9mb8zrXzRQ

Happy Thanksgiving

Okay, I'll admit, it is fun to bash a Billionaire like Phil, especially if you aren't worth even a Million.... like me.

But what is wrong with not renewing the optional contract of a President who though he could saddle the taxpayers with a bill for a Billion dollars?

Did not Bojack himself pan that plan on these very pages?

The guy made a suicidal run and fell flat, and obviously was not going to be celebrated by his bosses that he basically blindsided with his $1B proposal.

Who was surprised by this? He already knew he was toast.

And I agree with Nonny.

Pay up for Palo Alto Norte, maybe even name it after your son. That would be a better legacy in a hundred years than some smelly sneakers named after some athletes nobody respects.

Maybe that $1B gesture by was orchestrated as a symbolic self-immolation.

Not, of course, to be compared to this http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Thich_Quang_Duc or this http://www.thetibetpost.com/en/outlook/opinions-and-columns/2201-tibets-only-option-self-immolations-to-express-their-voices

Meanwhile, the old guards just turn the page....

Phil's attitude is another twist on corporate welfare: when a wealthy donor gives something, that gives them a right to control the largely taxpayer-funded recipient.

BTW, what happened to Phil's corporate handout plan from a few months ago that would allow greater donor control of the entire university--"freeing it from state regulation" or whatever that nonsense was?

I like Nonny's suggestion, but that ain't gonna happen. Phil's always been about "leverage:" whether it's cheap foreign labor or getting corporate prominence through a publicly funded university. He ain't gonna foot the whole bill, no way ever.

Again, who else is coming up with any ideas to improve a broken system? It's not like he put a gun to someone's head; he came up with an idea. OUS doesn't, and won't, act on it, and so what? He's trying to find solutions while the rest of OUS watches it slide into the gutter. What kind of university president would find that acceptable?

Giving raises to faculty out of UO's own kick while the rest of the system runs out good faculty with cuts. What a monster.

By the way, I know no one is throwing stones, on this blog, about tantrums.

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