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Saturday, November 19, 2011


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Is this bragging or complaining? I have a 2000 Camry which has over 180,000 miles and a 2002 Ranger with 168,000, oh and both are daily drivers.

Neither. Just noting. BTW, it's a '95, rarely gets too far out of town.

My '91 Pathfinder has 228,000 miles on her and she's my daily driver. Good 'ol Bessie! I especially appreciate her on snowy days like the past two. :)

My '08 Fit is my daily ride, and I just turned over 19,000 miles last week.

2003 Focus ZX3 = 209,950 and still running meds up and down the valley.

Welcome to the 99%. Mine is a 2002 Dodge with 126,000 miles on it. That means I spend about $200/month on maintenance.

I would lease a Honda except I need to drive an American car for work.

Odd coincidence:
While I almost never watch the odometer, last week zooming along I-5 I happened to glance at it showing 239998 point-something. So I watched it for a mile to see four 9's rollover. Ha! Freak out:
It got stuck, showing the bottom half of '239999' and the top half of '240000'.
It has been that way for the last 500 miles, approx. Seems that the 9999 is just too much to move.
Probably I can reach behind the instrument panel and tighten the cable connection.

I'm guessing Trimet's service cuts are partially to blame for this.

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