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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Still going strong

Oregon attorney general John Kroger's health may be forcing him out of politics, but he's recovered from his slump in churning out press releases. In October, his office sent us an even dozen. State Treasurer Ted Wheeler and Labor and Industries Commissioner Brad Avakian pumped out just four each, and Secretary of State Kate Brown produced a mere two. As ever, Kroger continues to lead the pack by far for the year, with 87 so far.

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Well, the voters of District One have freed up some time for Avakian. If you give him triple-points from here on in, maybe he could make a run at it.

Jack, It is ironic that you, who post blog entries multiple times per day if not per hour, take issue with public officials who issue press releases. Shouldn't they let people know what the heck they are doing? Isn't that a positive for people who want to keep track of their government?--Recognizing that we need to adjust for the fact that they will only report news that reflects on them positively? Are you insinuating they are self centered?

Kroger sends one out seemingly every other working day. That's overboard.

And when Kate Brown's office busted the Portland School Board for election abuse, did she send out a press release? Not so much as a tweet.

Government in Oregon spends too much tax money on public relations flacks. It's a way of conducting long-term re-election campaigns on the public dime. The press release meter illustrates that fact graphically.

My posts cost the taxpayers nothing. In fact, they may save them a few bucks.

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