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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Sticking with tradition

We have a hard-and-fast rule always to root against the Oregon Ducks football team. Our only exception is when they play Southern Cal, because heaven knows there's nothing to like and a whole lot to dislike in USC.

In recent years, the Ducks and their fans have become so obnoxious that yesterday we found ourselves thinking that maybe this year we had reach the tipping point. Maybe this year, this very Saturday afternoon, we would root for S.C. against Oregon.

We brought this up with a friend of ours who's a Cal fan, and he reacted with horror. He looked at us as if we had lost our mind. He reminded us of the long history of atrocities committed by Southern Cal over many decades. He convinced us to stay the course -- to root for the Ducks over the Trojans.

At least for one more year.

Comments (20)

Somebody wake me up when it's over.

USC has always been detestable, and the demise of OJ made them lose any respect they ever had. They've been the University of Dollars ($) and Cents or the University of Spoiled Children forever. What nicknames has U of O earned for its cheating, criminality, and overbearing arrogance and commercialism? Agreed that this is a match-up of which team to root against.

No problem Jack.

My loathing of the *UCKS will provide more than enough negative energy for them

I practice it in every contest in which the *UCKS football team engages.

My loathing of the *UCKS predates their current success and cheating. Its a lesson my wife's aunt, who worked in the athletic department for about 25 years before retiring in the '90s, unintentionally taught me.

Deliberating on whether to cheer for USC versus the Ducks is what I like to call "taste-testing dog crap". No matter what you choose, your family and friends will be horrified, and your sense of taste will hate you forever.

Based on the SC and UO games I've been to and the fans I've interacted with, I'd pull for the Trojans.

I'm going on record here as predicting that the scandal that sinks the Ducks will involve performance-enhancing drugs.

Wiping the field with your beloved Cardinal last weekend is sort of the elephant in this post.

Please, don't call it the Cardinal -- that is some seriously stupid s**t on Stanford's part. And win or lose against Stanford, I loathe U.C. Nike.

The Oregon fans tend to be jerks and coach Chip has all the charisma and charm of a glass of warm spit. But, I do like to watch Oregon football. The speed game fits well with my ADD.

I just make sure I turn the TV off before anyone tries to interview Chip. That old joke about what lawyers use for birth control would also apply to Chip.

Jack, I'm sorry, I'll just have to boycott you. Duck's band is far superior to the monotonous USC's. You should be rooting for Oregon to score big and USC to score only once, so hearing their song once reminds you why you should always root for the other team. Go Ducks.

It's always good to have a team to really hate in your conference. As a Ducks backer, it's still USC #1 and everyone else a distant second. I haven't had a legit hate on the Beavers since the Dennis Erickson and Chad 'I'll be Ochocinco someday' Johnson era.

I sometimes miss the good old days when I could rage against the true Duck nemesis: The Huskies of UW.

"I'm going on record here as predicting that the scandal that sinks the Ducks will involve performance-enhancing drugs."

Well, Nike does have a Lance Armstrong Health & Fitness Center on its campus, so ...

I thought you would like the Ducks because you like professional football so much. If you are looking for a more amateur (sympathetic?) experience, why not focus on the Lewis and Clark Pioneers.

I hope they both lose. Maybe a fight could break out in the stands and the authoriies would have to empty the stadium.

Sitting in the L A Coliseum, watching a USC football game is a pleasure. Unless you're unlucky enough to be sitting near the Trojan band.

I always forget what a huge Beavers fan Jack is... Or is it Rutgers?

Those USC cheerleaders are usually very easy on the eyes. The Oregon schools can't quite compete with all the blond, blue eye DNA floating around in SoCal.

You want the USC cheerleaders, Snoop Dogg and Will Ferrell on the sidelines, and 80 degree days in October ... you have to put up with the Victory March and the Death Star anthem. Oh well.

As a Duck alum with (I'd like to think) a reasonably clear head about the pluses and minuses of the football team's ascent into national relevance, it always bums me out to read commentary like Jack's and many of the posters'. Lord knows there are obnoxious Duck fans out there, but I try to take the good with the bad (like I do with any fan base) and make it a personal goal to improve the outside perception of my school and its teams. Give a Duck a chance!

John Dudrey, BA-Journalism '04.

I'll give you your hatred of the Ducks. Yes, many of the fans are essentially the nouveaux riche. As a life-time Duck fan and a season ticket holder I overlook those things and just watch the game.

I like Chip and I like him even more that so many people don't. He's a football geek and I actually think he truly cares about the kids.

To cheer for USC is just stupid talk. I hate UW, but I would never cheer for Notre Dame to beat them. ND gets my #1 hate spot.

And, Stanford is almost as much UC NIKE as Oregon. And, I'll cheer for Stanford in almost every game except against Oregon. I have nothing against the Cardinal.

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