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Saturday, November 12, 2011

Remain calm -- Guess who's Tweeting the riot

What a splendid use of his time:

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Join over 1000 viewers [not including mirrors]. Occufest in Schrunk. Music and food now. Dance party earlier in Schrunk.

Channel 6 just ended news live from park area & never mentioned what was going on at Schrunk. More people will be joining closer to midnight.

We rented extra lights?

I told you it was just a show!

Portlandia theater!

As someone who doesn't give the Portland police any slack, I'll be giving them the benefit of the doubt on this one.

It looks like those lights are shining on Scam the Tram's Twitter avatar.

What a putz!

any online cameras down there?



Approx 1800 watching now.

There is a global feed also because PDX is the largest in the country. Attorneys have been giving training today so any arrests can be done without violence. Should be able to close down without any arrests.

Most boring video feed ever. Hopefully a MSM cam will get switched on at some point before the fireworks start.

"stupid twit" is more like it.m

Please, and I’m begging here, don’t tell me the citizens of Portland are paying big bucks to rent daylight? I’m about ready to join the mayhem!

maybe I`m stupid but why not slowly fence in allowing only people to leave after a week or so whose left ?

About 3,450 viewers right now.

I just drove around the 'camp'. Lots of tourists walking, lots of cars going very, very slowly. And lots of cops. The overtime clock must be spinning like a helicopter blade tonight.
The park is emptying out and numerous people are loading tarps and tents into trucks and staging things on the sidewalk. I don't know if it will be picked up later or just left there.
There are also a lot of tents that are just like they were -- I think the owners (BTW - isn't all private property evidence of a crime??) of the tents expect to use them tomorrow.

The Klieg lights have lit the park like daylight. Everything is completely visible.

Oh the beautiful Elm trees, I hope those nitwits didn't hurt them.

There are two statues I had forgotten about in the park. One of a young man in a slouch hat racing to destiny with a Krag rifle in his hand. He is a memorial to the Oregon farmboys who went to the Philippines in '98. The other is the David Manuel statue of a pioneer family. You know the one -- The brave dad holding a rifle, the even braver mom wearing her wedding ring and holding a little dolly and the son holding a Bible. I am surprised that they weren't pulled down because of what they represent.


What 'crime'? It is a Class B misdemeanor.

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