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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Pretzel priorities out in the Beav'

What the heck is up with the people in Beaverton? They turn down an operating levy for the public schools, but they vote to give mega-millions to the mayor and Don Mazziotti to hand out to real estate developers? A very strange place, that Beaverton. But hey, we knew that.

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It's for the children. The developers' children.

The Beaverton School District is not coterminous with the City of Beaverton, so those eligible to vote on the city-only urban renewal measure were just a subset of "the people in Beaverton".

The Beaverton School Board actually endorsed the UR plan.

They helped dupe the voters into believing it was free and woulds not hurt schools.

Despicable on both counts.

It's not free as at least 3/4 of the money will come from normal funding for services. Including schools.

But schools can lie again by claiming schools are not hurt simply because they are allowed to spread the hurt out to every school in the state.

This has been an episode of total absense of integrity in Beaverton.

Shame on you lying thieves and con men.

And now as funding for services is eroded to pay UR debt demands for new fees and taxes will arrive as service cuts are announced.

The Beaverton School District already gets 1/5 of my taxes from previous bond measures. I'm not ready to double that amount.

I'm still up in the air about the UR thing. In the long run it should be a good thing. If it's managed right. After all the Pearl District turned out all right. Right?

You ARE joking, right Rick?
Let us know in a few years when you are paying 26+% of your property taxes to "the Don" in Beaverton, and most of the city/county infrastructure, schools, and other formerly funded governmental civic necessities, have decayed and will not be replaced or upgraded because that money is now going to weasel developers to build condo bunkers along the unused street car line.
Go by shopping cart, if you can find one!

Beaverton School district includes unincorporated Washington County. The voting population is different than the voter's population for the UR vite.

I have kids in BSD but I voted no on this tax increase. It was an 8.3% hike on my property tax bill.

"A very strange place, that Beaverton."

Look at how long they kept re-electing Wu.

Enjoy it though, Wash County will be bigger than Mult County in about 10 years which means all the scams will go over there.

I think BlueOregon has big presence out there. That would explain everything.

...After all the Pearl District turned out all right. Right?

Turned out just right for developers.
Appearances are one thing -
who subsidized and paid for it?
Neighborhoods are getting the shaft, schools and public services, but the Pearl looks good.

By the way, does anyone know what percentage of those condos in the Pearl are 10 year tax abated and what happens when the 10 years are up?

Progressives have found magic with urban renewal. It sounds so good that the sheep blindly follow them. Urban renewal and green energy are two magic beans that progressives can't get enough of.

Both are being misused in a corrupt way, but progressives are so in love with the idea of urban renewal and green energy that they don't even care that they are being ripped off.

Eventually something will penetrate their dim bulbs and people will realize that so called liberal politicians have been lying to them all along. It is all just a scam. But any con artist will tell you that people who want to believe in something are the easiest ones to scam.

Don't dump all of us so called "progressives" into the urban renewal barrel, Andy. Some of us are savvy enough to know when our tax dollars are being wasted and handed over to folks who are not using them to benefit the population as a whole.

Rick Hamell, if you are seriously on the fence about UR, consider SoWhat's property tax increases that are suppose to pay off the $290 Million URA debt. Over the past twelve years since its inception, the tax revenues are almost identical before UR.

Some of that can be explained by over 50% of the 133 acres of the project area is mostly non-profits, OHSU, PSU, and Affordable Housing. Plus there are TODs and other tax sucking programs.

These similar traits are present in most other Portland URAs. Expect the same for Beaverton, especially since The Don was an instrumental part in the creation of SoWhat. Good luck.

Rick Hamell,
Consider this.
Ever been to the Portland City Grill on the 30th floor of one of Portland's biggest towers?

That building has been in an UR district it's entire life with all of it's property taxes going to UR debt.

The PDC drew an UR district line around the site knowing a tower was planned.

Not only have the property taxes been hijacked for decades but taht tower is included in the growth the PDc attributes to UR.

This scenario of raiding revenue while claimg credit for generating it has occured over and over again withagency after agency.

The lies, schemes and scams with tax money by UR agencies knows no limits.

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