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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Police union wants to bust Occupy Portland

In an odd turn for the Occupy story, the head of Portland's wayward police union makes the same point we did the other day -- that there's little or no principled distinction between camping in Lownsdale Square and camping in Jamison Square.

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Ha! Equal application of laws...that's a hoot coming from the Portland Police Association. Next thing you know, they'll be demanding discipline and prosecution of their bumper crop of bad apples.

Methinks this has more to do with overtime than the principle of law.

How about a vote of "no confidence",in the mayor.

Global grand theft banksters are escaping with purloined pension funds from police unions, Portland's and many more. As the pension thefts get unwound, we can expect to see arrests of the 1%.

A Republican source told Wayne Madsen who published (last week) that Janet Napolitano has ordered her Homeland Security troops to roll up and shut down 'this messy Occupy thing' coast-to-coast. (Occupy the Planet in hundreds of cities around the world is going to be another matter to 'roll up'.) Now those were federal arrests last night in PDX, by mercenaries 'deputized' under cover of nightfall for the specific 'assignment'.

In Zucotti Park the general assembly has started collecting evidence that NYPD has been 'placing' apprehended drug addicts and mental psychotics into the Occupy group. 'Seeding' miscreants.

And, from Occupy Oakland, this video record of cops in 'T-shirt disguise' infiltrating the protest group:

When the cops' pensions go down, we will see with whom they side.

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